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You're defending Hitler?! And, Nazi Germany banned gay organizations in 1933, arrested ~100k men identified as gay & murdered ~5-15k of them
When you read history of Nazi Germany, one of the chief arguments Hitler made was he was standing up to "violent leftists"
Intelligence agencies should never have allowed this fake news to "leak" into the public. One last shot at me.Are we living in Nazi Germany?
YOU unleashed this hatred and violence. YOU are the inspiration for these domestic terrorists. WE will not let YOU turn us into Nazi Germany
The racism of the Democratic Party far exceeded the racism of fascist Italy & is only comparable to that of the Nazi regime in Germany
Drunken American man in Dresden, Germany assaulted by passer-by after giving Nazi salute multiple times.
Again, re R. E. Lee: Germany doesn't have statues honoring Nazi generals, no matter how heroic they may have been.
just remember: in Nazi Germany, the stock market rose and rose and kept rising, right up to Stalingrad
#OTD, 8 May 1945, Nazi Germany surrendered to the allied forces, signifying the end of World War II in Europe. #VEDay
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People here who routinely appeal to bogus patriotism when discussing Brexit are now cheering and/or misrepresenting Nazi advances in Germany
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