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Guardian Australia
in a rare and forceful statement medical charity medecins sans frontieres msf has detailed the absolute devast
In a rare and forceful statement, medical charity Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has detailed the ‘absolute devastation’ Australia’s offshore detention policy has wrought on asylum seekers stuck on Nauru.
Hamish Macdonald
exclusive naurus former president has days to live he wanted to give one final interview to describe the tort

Nauru’s former President has “days” to live. He wanted to give one final interview to describe the “torture” of refugees on his island. He describes policies as “evil”, a “mistake” and is using final hours to pray for forgiveness.
ABC TV Australia
in 2068 the prime minister delivers the long awaited apology to the nauru generation sammyj
In 2068, the Prime Minister delivers the long-awaited apology to the Nauru Generation. #SammyJ
Michael Pascoe
irony stunt morrison refuses to let nauru refugees be sent to new zealand allegedly because its a back door wa
Irony: Stunt Morrison refuses to let Nauru refugees be sent to New Zealand allegedly because it’s a back door way for what Dutton claims are "murders and terrorists" to get to Australia. Meanwhile an Australian...
Adam Bandt
a 12 yo girl reportedly set herself on fire on nauru yesterday australia is burning in winter were in drought
A 12 yo girl reportedly set herself on fire on Nauru yesterday.

Australia is burning, in winter.

We’re in drought.

But Libs & Nats shut down Parl.

Just so they can indulge themselves & avoid the real issues.

Self-interest before public interest.


The Spectator Index
highest smoking rate 2016 out of 84 countries 1 kiribati 2 nauru 3 greece 6 indonesia 7 russia 20 germany 28 s
Highest smoking rate, 2016. (out of 84 countries)

1. Kiribati
2. Nauru
3. Greece

6. Indonesia
7. Russia
20. Germany
28. Spain
32. France
35. South Korea
41. Turkey
42. China
47. Italy
60. Japan
67. UK
69. Saudi Arabia
70. US
83. India

Glenn Greenwald
the 7 countries voting with the us and israel guatemala honduras marshall islands micronesia nauru palau and t
The 7 countries voting with the US and Israel: Guatemala, Honduras, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, Palau, and Togo.
Michael Pascoe
remember the clowns claiming a few people from nauru amp manus would overrun our hospitals turns out those sam
Remember the clowns claiming a few people from Nauru & Manus would overrun our hospitals? Turns out those same clowns have lost control of our visa system
Narendra Modi
nauru pays tributes to bapu and what can be better than my friend president baron waqa himself singing the son
Nauru pays tributes to Bapu and what can be better than my friend, President Baron Waqa himself singing the song that Gandhi Ji loved. Have a look. #Gandhi150

Kate McClymont
the only people who give a shit about the kids on nauru are in kooyong and wentworth the political editor of t
"The only people who give a shit about the kids on Nauru are in Kooyong and Wentworth," the political editor of The Australian, Simon Benson, is overheard saying in a tete-a-tete with Tony "I've never leaked or backgrounded against anyone" Abbott.
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