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Ryan Zimmerman worked out in a facemask and ice skates yesterday. It’s time for him to ensure he’ll be wearing a Nats cap and spikes again this season.

Nats hero Ryan Zimmerman and the his longtime team are still talking about a contract. Belief is, at least on team’s part, that he will be back. He’s basically said he wouldn’t want to play anywhere else (but team’s knowledge of that can make negotiations tough on the player)

Young Carter Kieboom looks like he’ll get a crack at replacing Rendon at 3B in DC. Nats don’t want to give up Robles for Bryant and likely don’t have the prospects for Bryant or Arenado.

Tough winter for N.L. teams that made '19 playoffs. Braves lose Donaldson. Also, Dodgers (Ryu), Nats (Rendon), Mets (Wheeler), Milw (Grandal & Moustakas). Cubs, Cards, LAD add no stars & r net negative. Some go w upgrades, pen help. W few FAs left, '20 = who copes best w loses.

Zimmerman: Nervous to play goalie at Caps practice, not about contract status with Nats

My guesstimate: If Nats made $100M/4y to Donaldson w deferrals (like Max & others) so he'd be paid over 8 yrs, then Net Present Value (5% disc rate) = ~$80.7M. Twins $92M/4y, if no deferrals, = NPV of ~$81.5M. Did Josh want last $? Or did Braves (mistake, imo) never pony up?

Nats analytics mapped out 2 potential rosters w IDENTICAL W/L value & equal payroll cost in '20. Plan A: sign Josh Donaldson for $100M, but w risk thru age 38. Plan B: Build roster they have now. Josh waited, so Nats "moved on" AND just got lucky as Josh signed w Minn, not Braves

Daniel Hudson: 11M, 2 years. 5M 2020. 6M 2021. Plus: 200K each for 30gf; 40gf; 45gf; 50gf; 55gf. #nats 

Decision to DFA Herrera got most of our attention here, but Tuesday night story with biggest potential impact on #Phillies  was Donaldson-to-Minny. Braves will miss him; Nats could’ve used him to replace Rendon. Does prospect-rich ATL pivot now to Bryant/Arenado trade?

Stroke victim 'belittled after returning to work for Nats MSP Stuart McMillan'

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Trump was sitting talking when the salute to troops started at Nats ballpark. When he noticed the row of Marines he jumped to his feet, pumped his fist in air and clapped. Deep loud boo from throughout the park when jumbotron showed Trump. Some chanted: “Lock. Him. Up!”

“How long you been a Nats fan for?” “Since today!”

This Nats-Braves rivalry is really heating up.

Sharing “the Washington Suite” with Trump for Game 5 of the World Series between Nats and Astros. Melania Trump Kevin Brady John RatcliffeMatt Gaetz Kevin McCarthy David Perdue Lindsey Graham Liz Cheney Mac Thornberry Kay Granger Steve Scalise Mark Meadows Andy Biggs.

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Reaction at Nats Park as President @realDonaldTrump  is introduced



Bryce Harper landed a punch on Hunter Strickland the Nats-Giants 8th-inning brawl.

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