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Language barriers, prohibitive ID requirements, unreliable rural mail delivery & other issues create barriers to voting for Native Americans in
rural areas. I spoke in a US Senate committee earlier this year on how to address so voting is accessible, simple, & fair for everyone.
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The Supreme Court has allowed a North Dakota voter ID requirement that could disenfranchise thousands of Native Americans. This unjust decision highlights why we must pass @SenatorTomUdall's Native American Voting Rights Act, which I'm proud to cosponsor.
On the Standing Rock Reservation, activists say new ID rules, requiring voters in North Dakota, and on tribal lands, to present a photo ID with a street address, are designed to keep Native Americans from voting and threaten to disenfranchise their votes: @DrewGriffinCNN reports
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The Supreme Court let stand a law that all but guarantees large numbers of Native Americans won't be able to vote.
We owe Native Americans so much. It's time for a new approach to the Native American people, not to run a pipeline through their land.
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.@POTUS must protect the safety of Native Americans and their supporters who have gathered peacefully to oppose the Dakota Access Pipeline.
This Week In Fox News Racism (feat. Native Americans, Blacks, Hispanics, and Iranians)
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Yesterday, Navajo Code Talker Samuel Tom Holiday passed away at 94 years old.

Holiday, one of the last surviving Code Talkers from WWII, joined the Corps at 19 and became part of a legendary group of Native Americans who encoded messages in the Navajo language.

Semper Fi
At off-cam WH briefing acting ICE dir. Horman concedes undocumented immigrants do not commit more crimes than native born Americans.
Don't forget: It's Native Americans who are most annoyed at Elizabeth Warren's claims
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