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"Every Marine knows better than to pull a knife in a gunfight. But so far, that appears to be the federal government’s approach to battling Covid-19," writes James E. Baker, a former legal adviser to the National Security Council

A large group of prominent American foreign-policy experts, including the national security advisors for Obama and George W. Bush, is calling on the Trump administration to work more closely with China to stem the coronavirus epidemic. @joshchin 

Welcome back, shipmates! #ICYMI : #USNavy 's #USSCarney  returns to Naval Station Rota after a regularly scheduled deployment. Carney, forward-deployed to Rota, Spain, completed its seventh @USNavyEurope  patrol in support of U.S. national security interests in Europe and Africa.

Two years ago, @elizabethfor @PattyMurrayma and sent John Bolton, then the national security adviser to President Trump, a letter warning that the nation was not prepared for a pandemic. He didn't listen.

The chief judge of a secretive national security court demanded the FBI provide him with details about some investigations after a federal watchdog identified problems with more than two dozen wiretap applications.

Pentagon Says Boot Camps Must Continue For ‘National Security’ Despite ‘Putting Lives in Danger’

Former Obama security adviser calls on Canada to show global COVID-19 leadership | National Newswatch

Pres Putin wants US to accept oil production cuts as part of a global deal. Pres Trump wants to protect the domestic oil industry for national security reasons. My proposal for the Fed to buy US oil and leave it in the ground (which meets Putin's request)


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We stockpile bombs and ammunition for our national security, at huge cost. Why haven’t we stockpiled respirators, masks, and other gear at a fraction of that cost?

Our great Oil & Gas industry is under under seige after having one of the best years in recorded history. It will get better than ever as soon as our Country starts up again. Vital that it does for our National Security!

I’m seeing Governor Cuomo today at The White House. He must understand that National Security far exceeds politics. New York must stop all of its unnecessary lawsuits & harrassment, start cleaning itself up, and lowering taxes. Build relationships, but don’t bring Fredo!

National Security Adviser suggested today that sanctions & protests have Iran “choked off”, will force them to negotiate. Actually, I couldn’t care less if they negotiate. Will be totally up to them but, no nuclear weapons and “don’t kill your protesters.”

My question today is about whether or not individuals who were holdovers from the National Security Council'>Obama National Security Council and Democrat partisans conspired with Schiff staffers to plot impeaching the President before there were formal House impeachment proceedings.

A quick update on our national security leadership: Defense Secretary: Vacant. DHS Secretary: Vacant. UN Ambassador: Vacant. FEMA Director: Vacant. Secret Service Director: Vacant. ICE Director: Vacant. DHS Deputy: Vacant. President: Present, but unaccounted for.

The Democrats and President Obama gave Iran 150 Billion Dollars and got nothing, but they can’t give 5 Billion Dollars for National Security and a Wall?

I am deeply concerned that the White House has canceled an all-Member classified briefing on the dangerous situation the President has caused in Syria, denying the Congress its right to be informed as it makes decisions about our national security.

Susan Rice, who was a disaster to President Obama as National Security Advisor, is now telling us her opinion on what to do in Syria. Remember RED LINE IN THE SAND? That was Obama. Millions killed! No thanks Susan, you were a disaster.

I am pleased to inform you that I will Address the Nation on the Humanitarian and National Security crisis on our Southern Border. Tuesday night at 9:00 P.M. Eastern.