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On her monthly column, @KamalaHarris  writes: 'When he (Trump) cozies up to white supremacists and winks at suggestions of violence against Black and brown communities, he poses a very real risk to our national security.'

Honored to speak with activists & leaders about how we can end gun violence at @Vect90r , a sacred space created by Nipsey Hussle. We know 85% of Black homicide victims are shot & killed with guns—and the Black homicide rate is 4 times the national rate. We must act.

In honor of the @NatlParkService’s 103rd birthday, entry to all national parks will be free on Sunday. Join the celebration by visiting Rocky Mountain, Mesa Verde, Great Sand Dunes, or Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Parks this weekend!

Byron Allen Acquires The Weather Channel for a Reported $300 Million August is National Black Business Month. In recognition of Allen's extraordinary business prowess, we are revisiting this May 2019 article.

A quick shout out to National Partnership for Women & Families and their battle for equal pay for women. Today is Black Women's Pay Day. In the past, they've had Latina Women's Pay Day and Mom's Pay Day. I strongly support equal pay for equal work and applaud their efforts!

August is National #BlackBusinessMonth . Black women business owners have experienced unprecedented growth over the past two decades. Read more about black women business start ups in this #KCFed  report here:

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"The apartheid national anthem must follow after its flag... When white supremacists display the flag, they salute it by singing Die Stem because they belong in the same anti-black racism performance acts."

except we did that for a long time and it was an instrumental part of writing black people out of the national story?

Food truck owners are showing off their talent every day. A Texas vendor recently won a national recipe competition with her version of a black bean empanada. #BreakingNews  #FoodTruckLife 


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Sports. Racial injustice. The national anthem. This slam poet voices what it’s like to be black in America.

#Juneteenth isn't just an obscure black holiday. It should be a national celebration. Here is why Juneteenth is important for America.

Check out the energy & passion The largest ever young conservative black summit started tonight I am sure will all be covering this, right? This is an incredible gathering and worthy of national coverage The movement is growing!

A historic day! The new head of the Smithsonian's 19 museums, 21 libraries + the National Zoo is a wildly talented + deserving black man for the first time ever. A gentleman + a scholar. Worked with him when he commissioned me to make a film for @NMAAHC . Good soul. Bravo to him!

"I needed a mask which represents me. It’s the Black Panther and in Africa, in Gabon, we call the national team the Black Panthers of Gabon... It represents me." 🗣 

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Nearly 70 percent of NFL players are black. Older, white fans wanted them punished for protesting. You see what they did. “There is no other way to say it: The NFL sold out its players with this new, thoughtless national anthem policy,” writes .

A small all-black high school football team has started kneeling during the national anthem at their games. They say they are protesting against police brutality — both what they see on social media and what they've faced in their lives.

This is a disgraceful failure by . No players are “protesting the national anthem.” They are protesting police use of deadly force on unarmed black men.

Donald Trump doesn’t even KNOW the national anthem after castigating black athletes for kneeling during it! Do you know how much grief Obama would have taken for not knowing these words? The denouncements would gave been deafening...

Times Have Changed: Officer kills an unarmed Black man, spawning National protests. When I grew up, this was just local news.