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Olyroos quartet Riley McGree, Lachlan Wales, Nathaniel Atkinson and Brandon Wilson have all received bans from the FFA over an incident in Cambodia in March.

The players involved are Lachlan Wales, Nathaniel Atkinson, Brandon Wilson and Riley McGree, who have been asked to "show cause" to the FFA for their alleged behaviour.

Watch Nathaniel Atkinson and Dario Vidosic from as they live the adventure of a stopover in Abu Dhabi.

🔄 CITY SUBSTITUTION (46') 🔄 ⬆️ ON: Luke Brattan ⬇️ OFF: Nathaniel Atkinson (0-0) #MCYvPER  #OneGlory 

Feeling massively for Nathaniel Atkinson. That was beyond hard to watch. Wishing him all the best. #MCYvADL 

Thoughts and prayers are with Nathaniel Atkinson@MelbourneCity  awful to see any player in that amount of discomfort.