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#Darbhanga (Bihar): Around 40-50 men came on 25-30 bikes with hockey sticks & swords. My father went to them to explain the situation, but was beheaded, they also tried to kill my brother: Son of 70-yr-old man who was beheaded for naming a chowk as Narendra Modi chowk
2017 World Yearbook

Most important:
Xi Jinping

Most likely to succeed:
Emmanuel Macron

Most popular:
Narendra Modi

Most improved:
Shinzo Abe

Most discussed:
Donald Trump

Most disappointing:
Aung Sang Suu Kyi

Most surprising:
Mohammed bin Salman

Best socks:
Justin Trudeau
Ideas for #MannKiBaat can also be shared on the specially created forum on the ‘Narendra Modi Mobile App.’
If Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel would have been the first PM of the country, entire Kashmir would have been ours: PM Narendra Modi in Lok Sabha
What are your ideas for this month’s #MannKiBaat, which will be held on Sunday, 26th November? Share them with me on the Narendra Modi Mobile App.
LIVE: PM Shri Narendra Modi's reply to the motion of thanks on the President's Address in the Lok Sabha.
Told PM Narendra Modi privately that country shouldn't be divided on religious lines: Barack Obama
Obviously Narendra Modi Ji will not tweet today. Neither will he give a bhashan from #BJP HQ. Because the #UPByPolls verdict is principally on him. People are fed up of the nonsensical excuse of legacy problems ,silly acronyms, cheap rhetoric, fake promises and #Jumlebaazi.
PM Narendra Modi will deliver his last speech as Prime Minister from ramparts of Red Fort on 15 Aug 2018. Writing is on the wall. In 2019, he will not deliver that speech in Red Fort. This is our challenge on behalf of TMC and all the opposition parties: Derek O'Brien, MP TMC
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