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"Sokolov was fished out of the river along with a backpack containing the severed arms of Yeshchenko.... [He] had planned to dispose of his victim’s body parts in the river and then commit suicide, dressed as Napoleon, outside a St. Petersburg fortress."

A Russian historian known for impersonating Napoleon Bonaparte is accused of killing and dismembering his 24-year-old student and lover. On Saturday, he was found in a St. Petersburg river with a backpack containing the student's severed arms.

Shock in Russia as Napoleon expert confesses to chopping up lover #wallst 

Professor , professor, napoleon expert, professor . Also imagine how much he loves that all the papers are using pics of him in his favourite get up. Use the arrest or courtroom photos . Or one of him dressed in ‘civvies’

A specialist on Napoleon admitted to killing a former student after he was found with a backpack containing two arms.

Distinguished historian, dressed as Napoleon when found in a river with a rucksack containing severed arms, charged with his lover's murder.

A Russian professor and renowned expert on Napoleon has been detained in St Petersburg after he allegedly admitted murdering a female student

“The dividing line between Napoleon and Sokolov disappeared a long time ago,” said a woman who knew the professor accused of murder. “How did such a person keep his position? Who has been protecting him and why?”

“He thought he could do anything and looked down on the world around him as if he really were Napoleon,” said Lydia Nevzorva of the history professor accused of murdering and dismembering his student and lover.

Letter: Envious Macron is more Napoleon than de Gaulle


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....and Assad to protect the land of our enemy? Anyone who wants to assist Syria in protecting the Kurds is good with me, whether it is Russia, China, or Napoleon Bonaparte. I hope they all do great, we are 7,000 miles away!

I’m currently sitting on the sofa looking rotten watching but here’s a throwback to my 2014 sexy costume. Napoleon Dynamite. Happy Halloween. Jade x

Notre Dame cathedral facts. - Catholic Cathedral - Completed in 1345 - Construction took 182 years - Tower height of 69 meters - Where Napoleon was coronated - 14 million visitors annually - Has a 13 tonne bell named Emmanuel

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Henry VI of England was crowned king of France in Notre-Dame in 1431. Napoleon Bonaparte was crowned emperor in ND in 1804. Joan of Arc was beatified there by Pope Pius X in 1909. Charles de Gaulle went there almost immediately Paris was liberated 1945.

"Napoleon, dont be jealous that I've been chatting online with babes all day"

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What a crock. To believe this, you have to believe that McCabe did not mislead investigators, but the FBI’s own Office of Professional Responsibility claimed that he did and used that false claim to recommend he be fired. It’s all part of a Trump conspiracy. And I’m Napoleon.

Lion cub napoleon shows off his mighty roar ??

Lion cub napoleon shows off his mighty roar

Napoleon ur just jelus I've been chatting online with babez all day -kip