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Virgin Trains to stop selling The Daily Mail on moral grounds, says billionaire who sued the NHS.
These brave staff have told us what it’s really like on the inside of the NHS crisis. Make sure their incredible stories are heard – share this video.
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I'm tired of Tories praising firefighters, police, NHS medics, council staff and other emergency workers then cutting their pay and jobs
Remember. The NHS crisis is not the fault of politicians who’ve been in power for seven years, inherited a record patient satisfaction level & has been repeatedly warned of a £30 billion shortfall. It is the fault of doctors, nurses, immigrants & Gordon Brown.
so for 1 week it's ok not to be #1. Let's do the right thing & help them win. It's Christmas. @Choir_NHS good luck
So if statistics and facts aren’t your thing and you only follow me for the silly jokes - look away now. But if you care about accountability and the NHS, read and RT this THREAD written in reply to @Jeremy_Hunt 👇👇👇
It is not good enough for @theresa_may to say NHS problems are "frustrating" and "disappointing" when the Tory Government has caused this crisis.

Nurses, doctors and patients are pleading with her to properly fund our health service, but she is ignoring them.

WATCH: @Nigel_Farage tells @susannareid100 it was a 'mistake' for Leave to claim there'd be £350M a week for NHS
I'm hearing this UK Christmas race is close...but the @Choir_NHS single is for charity. So...
“Unacceptable… unacceptable… unacceptable.”
When it comes to the NHS, Jeremy Hunt and the Tories are a broken record.
It’s time they admitted that the biggest thing that’s unacceptable here… is them.
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