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Great! Mr. Gaynor let’s discuss how to make FEMA better and quicker. 1. by creating and communicating clear expectations of what FEMA does 2. by working better with partners and NGO’s to bring relief in a timely manner! 3. by breaking FEMA in two: Emergency and Reconstruction!

The OECD's Dutch unit will hear a complaint from three NGO’s against banking giant ING Groep's financing of the palm oil industry

ING under fire for palm oil financing as NGOs file complaint

ING under fire for palm oil financing as NGOs file complaint

For the first time, Business and NGOs are tied as the most trusted institutions, @richardwedelman  says

Sister Norma with @CCharitiesUSA  and Angry Tías and Abuelas meet with the @HispanicCaucus  congressional delegation to explain how Mexican and U.S. NGOs are coordinating efforts to serve the refugees and families living in tent camps in Mexico.

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YouTube still has problems when it comes to pairing ads with videos that contain misinformation. This time, it’s big brands — and even environment NGOs! — with climate denial videos:

Intriguingly the stink about this appears to have come largely from medical profession not outside campaigners or NGOs initially...

"We should not be encouraging campaigns, PACs, NGOs to build massive datasets and use those to target individuals. If they are going to display a message it should have to be broadly applicable enough that 10,000 or 100,000 people will find it compelling"


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The head of @hrw  was blocked from entering Hong Kong, where he was going to speak about China's human rights record. He's one of several critics blocked since pro-democracy protests started. China's govt defended the decision, saying NGOs should "pay the proper price."

My 3 requests: Appeal to all Indians, including eminent people from all walks of life to create awareness on water conservation. Share knowledge of traditional methods of water conservation. If you know about any individuals or NGOs working on water, do share about them: PM

#UPDATE  China suspended US warship visits and sanctioned American NGOs on Monday in retaliation for the passage of a bill backing pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong

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The Chinese Communist Party’s targeting of non-profit NGOs that bolster infrastructure of democracies around the world—free press, unions, political parties, universities— including , only proves one thing: @IRIglobal 's greatest fear is of t #CCPeir  own.

“The reason that the #CCP  fears the promotion of democratic values is clear: because it fears the empowerment of the Chinese people." #CCP  sanctions on @IRIglobal  & other NGOs reveal its deep insecurity. I spoke to @EliLake  about how we can fight back. 👇

Here in Northern Syria one word on everyone’s lips: betrayal. And now ngo’s warning what could come. Save the Children “Warns of Mass Displacement of Children”

Fires in Bolivia have now burned over 10M acres, say NGOs, including forests and wildlife habitats. This anteater was burned alive in a conservation area:

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Brazil's President Bolsonaro retracted unfounded claims that NGOs were setting fires in the Amazon, after backlash. 9,500 fires have been detected there in the last week. NGOs say many were illegally started by farmers to clear land for cattle ranches.

Left, Congress, fake liberals, fake NGOs, fake civil society groups, Urban Naxals and ‘Tukde Tukde gang’ desperately want to make Kerala a laboratory for their mischief. Till BJP is there, they won’t succeed. Their force will never be able to destroy our faith!

Christian and Muslim clerics with the help of foreign NGOs have laid a siege of Hindustan to help traitors to grab power and singhasan of Indraprastha. Most dangerous. Hindus need a counter strategy.