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Kyler Murray wants a $15M contract from A’s to stick with baseball, otherwise he’ll enter NFL Draft tomorrow, per @MikeLeslieWFAA
2018 Heisman winner Kyler Murray declares for the NFL Draft
Breaking: Kyler Murray has tweeted that he will declare for the NFL draft.
I just wanna wish my friend @JordanPayton best luck in the 2016 NFL draft #NFL god love ya buddy I mean someone's got too
Oklahoma QB Kyler Murray has submitted the paperwork to turn pro and plans to enter the NFL draft. Murray has informed the Oakland A’s of his intention to follow his heart to the NFL, where many project him to be a first-round pick.
The Oakland A's are expecting Oklahoma QB Kyler Murray to declare for the 2019 NFL draft before Monday's deadline, the San Francisco Chronicle reports, citing multiple sources.
Oakland A's expect Kyler Murray to declare for the NFL Draft, per @susanslusser
Raiders are hiring NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock as their general manager, league sources tell ESPN. The announcement will be made as early as today.
Breaking: Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins announced via Twitter that he will enter the 2019 NFL draft.
Kyler Murray is reportedly leaning toward entering the 2019 NFL Draft 👀

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