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NDP MP Darren Fisher blasts the Oppo MPs on health cttee for demanding govt coronavirus records at this time: "Are we really interested as a committee with asking some of the busiest people in Canada with all of this, this will be thousands & thousands & thousands of documents."

Sorry, that was Liberal MP Darren Fisher. The Conservatives and NDPMPs on the health committee are debating demand for all govt records re coronavirus preparations from depts of health, transport, public safety, foreign affairs and defence, no later than mar 3.

#NewsNOW in the #HoC  foyer: #NDP  MP @alexboulerice  and #BQ  MP @LouiseChabotBQ  speak about EI benefits.

WATCH LIVE: NDPLeader Jagmeet Singh speaks on the federal government's response to ongoing rail blockades: #cdnpoli 

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As to @PeteButtigieg  saying that a Bernie Sanders nom would lead to a Speaker Kevin McCarthy, Dem Caucus Chair Hakeem Jeffries says: "I look forward to renominating Speaker Nancy D'Alesandro Pelosi on the floor ... and making it clear that House Democrats are still down with NDP"

The Liberals dragging their feet for Big Pharma has real consequences for real people. Proud that the NDP is calling for universal pharmacare.

According to a new poll, Jason Kenney and the Alberta UCP have maintained support after 10 months in power, with an 8-point lead over the NDP.

ICYMI: Allegations of 'cheap politics' fly as NDP questions education minister's coffee and meal tab

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$2689 #Nine  Dragons Paper Industries (P Chip) Nine Dragons Paper - 1HFY20: Core net profit down 2.4% yoy, above our estimate and in line with consensus: NDP’s 1HFY20 core net profit came in better than our expectations, and are in line… #equity  #stocks 

Politics Insider for Feb. 25: Conservatives are angry about Teck's Frontier fizzle, Liberals table assisted-dying legislation and the NDP's talking about pharmacare


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This is just a politically sophisticated analysis. In Canada, Biden would be a Liberal and @Ocasio2018  would be NDP. In the rest of the developed world the “universal hc costs too much” candidate would be in a conservative party.

Delighted to hear Trudeau is not going to raise the GST to 7.5% as part of a Liberal/NDP coalition ... just as I was delighted when he looked straight into the camera in 2015 and said he would balance the federal budget this year. This year's deficit is $19.8 billion #cdnpoli 

VIDEO of NDP leader Jagmeet Singh being confronted at Montreal's Atwater Market by someone who advised him that he should remove his turban. #cdnpoli  #polqc 

Once again the NDP sets itself apart in their communications game. Hard not to LOL at this.

When asked if he was just writing a "blank cheque" for problems faced by Indigenous communities, NDPLeader Jagmeet Singh asked if the same question would be raised if Toronto or Vancouver had a clean drinking water problem. #elxn43  #cdnpoli 

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh responds to a newly released photo of Justin Trudeau wearing brownface makeup and a turban in 2001.

If the NDP cannot take a firm stance on the fight of the people of Venezuela for democracy, I don't know what they can take a clear position on.

Andrea Horwath’s NDP are the best choice in this election to keep PC Leader Doug Ford from becoming premier. #StarEditorial 

BREAKING: CTV News has learned that Kathleen Wynne will concede today that she will not be premier after the June 7 election. Wynne, however, will urge voters to support Liberal candidates so that neither the NDP or Tories get a majority government.