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This is news. The WH has never publicly acknowledged it had staffers sign NDAs, but they were described to me earlier this year as largely unenforceable agreements primarily drawn up to placate Trump & intimidate aides into silence
When Brennan was CIA Director, his agency presented unnecessary NDAs to Benghazi survivors -- at a memorial service for their fallen comrades. An ugly attempt to silence them.
Public employees can’t be gagged by private agreements. These so-called NDAs are unconstitutional and unenforceable.
I wonder if any member of Congress will introduce legislation to attempt to render null and void the NDAs from sexual misconduct settlements with members of Congress, so their survivors can talk if they wish.
Just a thought...NBC broadcast the Omarosa tape from the WH Situation room yet muzzles its own past and present employees with come ok to reveal conversations in WH sit room yet muzzle own employees with NDAs? Different situation or double standard? Thoughts?
Michael Avenatti, Stormy’s lawyer, confirms to me that "six separate women with similar claims to my client" have approached him, two of whom have NDAs. He and the firm are still investigating their claims
Some donors don’t like the campaign and Trump outside group being used as a farm for NDAs and contracts for fired or controversial staff ⁦@kenvogel⁩ and me
Billionaires using aggressive lawsuits, catch-and-kill tactics, and secret NDAs to obscure the truth about their conduct seems like maybe an issue that should play a larger role in free speech discourse.
FACT CHECK: Sarah Sanders today said “other White Houses have had people sign NDA’s. It’s standard.”

Not true!

Via @GeoffRBennett, @kwelkernbc & @albamonica
As we’ve said: Donald Trump can’t muzzle federal employees.

If these NDAs prohibit employees from revealing all information they learn at work — without consideration of what that information is — they are unconstitutional and unenforceable.
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