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Come see us in Boston Monday 1pm at the State House to support @DianaDiZoglio  and her bill to eradicate NDAs for harassment. Let’s give all women their voices back! Join our mission! @bostonherald  @LiftOurVoicesUS  @julieroginsky  @dianafalzone 

Lawmakers running out of time to vote on bill to ban NDAs

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A new way to insure you have good reviews: Refund people who hate your product and make them delete bad reviews & sign NDAs.

Teeth aligning company SmileDirectClub is using NDAs to stifle bad reviews online

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Teeth aligning company SmileDirectClub is using NDAs to stifle bad reviews online

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Interesting stats from Steve Scala’s 135-page Pharma Pipelines, published today: 908 pharma products now in development, 79 NDAs pending, vs. 951 and 105 in July 2019. The number of pharma products in development peaked at 1,216 in May 2008

This is a victory for all women!! Speaking up makes change! Now @julieroginsky  can speak about her experience with the @GovMurphy  campaign. It’s why we created @LiftOurVoicesUS  to end NDAs for all. #stopndas 

the at-home braces startup SmileDirectClub is asking unhappy customers to sign NDAs, per the NYT: back in 2017, wrote about the risks @NidhiSubsof  the company's product:

“Going forward, I can’t say anything": How @smiledirectclub  uses NDAs to silence people who have trouble with its products. Great reporting here from @eringriffith  & @uwsgeezer .

Candidates current and former have graciously pledged their support to help us end forced arbitrations & NDAs that silence women in the workplace, @BernieSanders , @elizabethfor @amyklobucharma and where ar @LiftOurVoicesUS  @julieroginskyy @dianafalzoneou???


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When Brennan was CIA Director, his agency presented unnecessary NDAs to Benghazi survivors -- at a memorial service for their fallen comrades. An ugly attempt to silence them.

Jeffrey Epstein's suicide means NDAs he required people to sign are now TOAST. Pilots, housekeepers, conspiratorial accomplices, victims, who knows who might now feel, and in fact be, free to talk.

Today I will interact with the people of Ballia, Buxar, Sasaram and Chandigarh. Have a look at highlights from yesterday’s speeches in MP, HP and Punjab, where I spoke about NDA’s vision and the communal, anti-farmer and anti-security politics of Congress

NDA’s priorities are India First. NDA’s policies put people first. Our decisiveness, work culture and track record are known to everyone. Opposition lacks proper leadership and a vision to take the country forward.

My campaigns across Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have been overwhelming. NDA’s solid track record and development agenda has connected with people. Votebank politics and failed promises of the Opposition has repulsed India. Here are highlights from yesterday.

NDA’s efforts- strengthen national security. UPA’s efforts- weaken national security. On whose bidding are they opposing important defence deals? Why have they always looted the defence sector?

NDA’s development agenda moves at record pace. Lots has been done for West Bengal but I want to work more. Didi is playing the role of a speed-breaker, who is slowing down the state’s progress. West Bengal does not need such speed-breakers.

Public employees can’t be gagged by private agreements. These so-called NDAs are unconstitutional and unenforceable.

This is news. The WH has never publicly acknowledged it had staffers sign NDAs, but they were described to me earlier this year as largely unenforceable agreements primarily drawn up to placate Trump & intimidate aides into silence

I wonder if any member of Congress will introduce legislation to attempt to render null and void the NDAs from sexual misconduct settlements with members of Congress, so their survivors can talk if they wish.