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People who start using tobacco of any kind as teens are more likely to get addicted to nicotine. #NDAFW
FACT: Alcohol plays a role in the deaths of 4,358 young people under 21 #NDAFW
Get ideas for your event for National Drugs & Alcohol Facts Week #NDAFW
A8: Many e-cigarettes contain nicotine. The effects of nicotine exposure during youth can be long-lasting. #NDAFW
FACT: Nearly 80% of people addicted to heroin started first with #RX opioids. #NDAFW
Today kicks off National Drug & Alcohol Facts Week! Tell us how you’re helping to SHATTER THE MYTHS. #NDAFW
Kick off National Drug & Alcohol Facts Week by taking the Drug & Alcohol IQ Challenge #NDAFW
According to the Surgeon General, an American dies every 19 minutes from an overdose of heroin or opioid pain killers. #NDAFW
Synthetic cannabinoids are also called what? #NDAFW
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