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Congratulations to Bhuma Brahmananda Reddy Garu & our valued NDA ally, TDP for the big victory in the Nandyal by-poll. @ncbn
Launching our series #JanKiBaat - cartoons to help you cope with NDA's loony toon platoon. 😉 Stay tuned for your daily fix!
Attended a meeting of the NDA parties earlier today.
Shri Kharge on the agreement signed by UPA on Bullet Trains & delay by NDA since.
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Impressive performance by @BJP4India and NDA in the by-polls in different parts of the country. Congratulations to Karyakartas.
NDA Government's priority is a corruption free India.
BJP led NDA govt keeps on fleecing the people via increased taxes. Who is achhe din for exactly?
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I feel honoured that BJP & NDA is getting a historic opportunity to fulfil aspirations of Northeast at so many forums, locally & nationally.
NDA Government has taken bold and tough decisions to uproot the menace of corruption and black money from our society.
NDA Government has a special focus on infrastructure & urban rejuvenation. With a people centric approach, we are redefining urban planning.
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