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NDA Government's priority is a corruption free India.
Attended a meeting of the NDA parties earlier today.
Impressive performance by @BJP4India and NDA in the by-polls in different parts of the country. Congratulations to Karyakartas.
I feel honoured that BJP & NDA is getting a historic opportunity to fulfil aspirations of Northeast at so many forums, locally & nationally.
NDA Government has a special focus on infrastructure & urban rejuvenation. With a people centric approach, we are redefining urban planning.
NDA Government is committed to the overall development of Poorvanchal & ensuring better opportunities for farmers.
PM @narendramodi will distribute sanction letters to beneficiaries of PM Awas Yojana. ‘Housing for all’ is a key priority for NDA Govt.
NDA government is building more roads & using latest technology for the same.
A brief bio of NDA's Vice-Presidential nominee Shri @MVenkaiahNaidu ji.
MP: "FM didn't know abt #demonetisation"
NDA MP: "Not true & anyway in their time the PM didn't know abt most decisions"
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