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The entire principle of this should be fought - an NDA to stay quiet about this serial monster with over 140 accusers, but I would be absolutely honored to pay this fine for you, McKayla.
Congress in May 2014- Modi Ji will scrap Aadhaar.

Congress in 2017- Scrap Aadhaar.

Why? Because under NDA, Aadhaar is ensuring effective service delivery and ending corruption. Congress obviously does not like it.
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PM Shri @narendramodi explaining how UPA caused the NPA issue & how NDA Government is solving it!
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At #MagneticMaharashtra, I gave a detailed account of how this year’s Budget will bring a qualitative change in the life of the poor, neo-middle class and middle class. I also talked about the strong infrastructure push being given by the NDA Government in the last 3.5 years.
Path breaking decisions with regard to more MSP for farmers and Ayushman Bharat will bring a qualitative change in the lives of India's hardworking farmers and those who cannot afford quality healthcare. NDA Government is fully committed to furthering 'Ease of Living' for all.
Society ladies of media do not talk of R3 role in this PNB scam. Of course NDA also continued him till PM at my urging sent him packing
A historic push to next-generation infrastructure under NDA government.
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Today in Parliament Central Hall, Pt Madanmohan Malaviya’s birthday was celebrated. No NDA Minister attended the function.
Political leaders, Chief Ministers of various states, our esteemed NDA allies and respected former Chief Ministers of Gujarat joined the occasion, making it even more special.
#CarterPage transcript for #TrumpRussia invest. is up. You should know:

-Met w/ Gazprom/Rosneft
-Clovis made him sigh NDA (knew of trip)
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