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The entire principle of this should be fought - an NDA to stay quiet about this serial monster with over 140 accusers, but I would be absolutely honored to pay this fine for you, McKayla.
Agenda of @BJP4Karnataka is development, fast-paced development and all-round development. Over the last four years, the NDA Government at the Centre has taken a series of pro-poor measures which are transforming lives and boosting India’s growth.
Cost of construction per toilet:
under UPA: Rs. 1750
under NDA: Rs. 6177

#ChhotaModi + #BadaModi = #SwachhBharat
Time and again, election after election, the people of India are reposing their faith in the positive and development oriented agenda of the NDA. People do not have the time or respect for negative, disruptive and disconnected politics of any kind.
Trump, you can't have Cohen broker an NDA & payoff to Stormy to keep her from talking about your affair & then deny you knew anything about it. Your lies are catching up w/ you & the con won't work. This may be your "come to Jesus" moment before impeachment.
Congress in May 2014- Modi Ji will scrap Aadhaar.

Congress in 2017- Scrap Aadhaar.

Why? Because under NDA, Aadhaar is ensuring effective service delivery and ending corruption. Congress obviously does not like it.
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BJP-NDA MPs have decided to not take salary & allowances for 23 days as the parliament has not been functional. This money is given to serve the people & if we are not able to do so we have no right to take the people's money: Ananth Kumar, Union Minister
In 4 years of UPA, only 20 lakh household toilets were built with Rs 350 crore, whereas in 4 years of NDA 34 lakh toilets were built with Rs 2,100 crore. #KarnatakaTrustsModi
Even in Ram Setu, the decision to cut it by Setusamundram Project was done by three successive Ministers of NDA-I. One even proudly announced it in Parliament!! Such was their quality of Hindutva. We need a Hindutva based shuddhikaran andolan
NDA is committed to Nagaland’s transformation. We want to improve connectivity, ensure electricity for all homes and focus on organic farming. The Ayushman Bharat initiative, which seeks to provide good quality and affordable healthcare, will have a positive impact in Nagaland.
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