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I look forward to hosting, right out of the great State of South Carolina, the 2019 NCAA Football Champion Clemson Tigers at the White House on Monday, January 14th. What a game, what a coach, what a team!
This is Shakyla Hill's SECOND quadruple-double of her NCAA career!

She has more career quadruple-doubles than all Men's Division I players have combined (1) 😳
How about this UNREAL comeback in the 4x400 to clinch the NCAA Track & Field Championship for USC 😱 #SCtop10
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Today, it was my great honor to welcome the 2017 NCAA Football National Champion, Alabama Crimson Tide - to the White House. Congratulations! #RollTide
Roy Williams got $925,000 in bonuses for Carolina's NCAA Tournament performance.

The players got awesome T-shirts and hats.
Reminder: This is Kansas' first appearance in the NCAA Tournament without Perry Ellis since 1952*.

*stat may not be accurate
Last 365 days in sports:
- NCAA Title buzzer beater
- NBA Finals Game 7
- World Series Game 7
- CFB Title last second win
- #SuperBowl OT
The NCAA tournament is where stars are born.
Call it the Shabazz Effect: NCAA will now allow Division I student-athletes to receive unlimited meals and snacks.
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