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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has sworn in 2 newly elected NC congressmen, (R-NC09) Dan Bishop and (R-NC03) Dr. Greg Murphy. DETAILS: #wccb  #news  #ncnews  #politics  #nc09  #nc03 

1 week later, a look at the spending in that #NC09  special election

For example, 60% of vote in NC-09 comes from suburbs of Mecklenburg and Union. Since '14, Mecklenburg has swung +28D, while Union is still heavily R and has moved just +10D. (2) h/t @BowTiePolitics 

On Fox today, @GOPLeader  said Republicans “won” NC-09 in 2018 — but made no mention of the fact that the election results were tossed out due to allegations of ballot fraud.

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'These people are insane': Nancy Pelosi ties herself into quite the pretzel to paint Dem Dan McCready's NC-09 loss as a win [video]

NC-09 showed that Democrats' suburban gains are not distributed equally. NEW @amyewalter  column:

A good, pithy summary of what the NC-09 results really tell us about our politics and 2020, from @EJDionne :

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Pelosi asked about any concerns about GOP gains in rural areas in NC09 election: “I think they should have concerns about the gains we’re making in suburban areas. That was not a good news night for Republicans.” (Dem lost by 2 in a Trump +12 district)


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NORTH CAROLINA — Vote for Dan Bishop in #NC09  and Greg Murphy in #NC03  TOMORROW. Make it a great day for Republicans!

It’s ELECTION DAY in #NC03  and #NC09 ! Find your polling location here⬇️

Congratulations to the new Representative-Elect for #NC09  -- @jdanbishop !

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Even CNN admits it.... HUGE WIN tonight in #NC09  thanks to @realDonaldTrump !

🗳️🗳️🗳️ Calling all #NC03  and #NC09  voters! Are you registered to vote on September 10? Register here ⬇️

New: An arrest has been made in NC-09 election fraud allegations case. Caitlyn Croom is charged with conspiracy to commit felony obstruction of justice and possession of absentee ballot - NC State Board of Investigation tells CNN

Mark Harris saw his own son take the stand and testify that he had warned him repeatedly not to hire the man who later tried to steal a Congressional seat for him. So calling for a new election in NC09 was not some magnanimous act. It was his only option.

Details of Harris and NC09 election fraud are remarkable: -Harris’ son emailed him his concerns about ballot scheme -Harris legal team did not share that email on subpoena -Harris knew & allegedly lied about it in court -Harris then claimed his health impaired his memory

So I've written on NC-09. To me the case for fraud appears quite strong. I think the key point for fraud is that there isn't one. The case relies upon a slew of evidence, so that even if one point falls apart the case is still strong.

Mounting evidence of voter fraud in NC09 could indefinitely delay the certification of a winner, as officials investigate whether hundreds of absentee ballots were illegally cast or destroyed, via & in N.C.