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BREAKING: Putin offers to interrogate 12 named in US indictments but calls claims of collusion with Trump campaign 'nonsense'
Trump brings back one of his weirdest false claims, saying he was named Michigan's "Republican of the Year" even before he was running. He used to claim he was named Michigan Man of the Year, period, which is not a thing.
BREAKING: Devin Nunes to investigate claims that Barack Obama has fathered two black children with a Chicago-born woman named "Michelle"
BREAKING / NBC News: Stormy Daniels' lawyer claims Russian oligarch put $500K in Cohen account. AT&T, Novartis, and other companies also named. From the team
Chris Brown is named in a lawsuit involving a woman who claims she was sexually assaulted in the singer’s home, by one of his friends
Feldman claims he named names to cops in 1993, but they were only interested in info on Michael Jackson at the time
Gunman killed in Parliament attack named as Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, a Canadian born in 1982, American media report claims. #cdnpoli #Ottawa
A former Playboy Playmate is making "troublesome claims" in a lawsuit against a GOP donor after he quit paying her hush money to cover up their affair—and @MichaelAvenatti says he's named in it, too
2 months
A new study claims that Hans Asperger, the physician for whom Asperger's syndrome was named, actively cooperated with the Nazi regime's euthanasia program
Lawmakers in both parties say members of Congress shouldn't be allowed to use taxpayer money to settle harassment claims without being named.
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