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BREAKING: Devin Nunes to investigate claims that Barack Obama has fathered two black children with a Chicago-born woman named "Michelle"
just got an email from a nice man named chef who claims he wrote royals. quote: "you've really queered the writing credits for me here"
Feldman claims he named names to cops in 1993, but they were only interested in info on Michael Jackson at the time
WNBA All-Star @Layshiac has filed a lawsuit against University of California, alleging sexual assault by longtime athletic dep. employee Mohamed Muqtar. Muqtar is named as a defendant and suit claims negligence against Cal.

More details from @OTLonESPN:
Lawmakers in both parties say members of Congress shouldn't be allowed to use taxpayer money to settle harassment claims without being named.
Gunman killed in Parliament attack named as Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, a Canadian born in 1982, American media report claims. #cdnpoli #Ottawa
Jesus had brother named James, ancient Christian manuscript claims
Very important: The Daily Mail claims Leon Brittan was named by a child in the Elm Guest House investigation.
Ghanaian witch doctor named 'Devil of Wednesday' claims he caused Ronaldo's knee injury
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