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The labor movement must be unafraid to expose the myths and horrors of the so-called American experiment.

Cardio is good for you. Believing these cardio myths is anything but. It’s time to set the record straight: here’s the truth about cardiovascular exercise.

Lions Led By Donkeys debunks myths about Robert E. Lee

@eji_org  "Face The Racist Nation " was hosted by @loisbeckett  and includes a crucial intv w/ @DrIbram  on the enduring myths surrounding the perpetuation of racist ideas. And, crucially, who is served by those ideas.

Facts and myths about #obesity , emerging as a key factor in COVID-19 hospitalization @uva 

The 8 biggest myths surrounding depression...

@bimbylads , and @NzeluOkechukwu  #DerekOwusuave  been shortlisted for the @WritersCentre  #DEP20As  the titles range "from Ghanaian story myths to Nigerian patriarchy; from the violence within Cambridge’s ivory towers to the bonds of London’s streets":

Cloud solutions are here to stay. Take a look at the top security myths related to the cloud and reframe the way you think about #cloudsecurity . Read the article in The Vision:

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@WHO  . also works to: ✔️ dispel rumours abou #COVID19t  ✔️ spread awareness among people i #Yemenn  about how to protect themselves. ✔️ track myths & fake news stories & addresses them via social media & other channels

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10 speed camera myths debunked and the truth behind how they catch you


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Are the ancient Hindumyths of a land bridge connecting India and Sri Lanka true? Scientific analysis suggests they are. #WhatonEarth 

These pit bull myths are the silliest ?❤️❤️❤️

Adam Schiff you are a disgrace to the office your constituents elected you to. The streets of your district overflow with garbage, drugs, human waste and disease while you pursue myths and lies trying to make mountains out of mole hills. Just another sold out swamp prostitute,

One of the biggest mythsTrump and his enablers propound is that low-income Americans don't pay their fair share of taxes. In reality, the opposite is true: Poor Americans pay a huge amount in taxes while some corporations pay nothing.

White people insisting their European ancestors came “legally” during a period where the US had open borders and didnt even require immigrants to learn english is one of the dumbest and most harmful myths guiding our current politics.

Myths about mental illness contribute to the stigma. Learn the facts. #BellLetsTalk  CC: @howiemandel 

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To the maker of myths that inspire dreams in this galaxy and ones far, far away... Happy Birthday!

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