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93% of people surveyed in Hong Kong SAR, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam would support efforts by their governments and health ministries to close all illegal and unregulated markets selling wild animals. #COVID19  #Coronavirus 

Former war correspondent Paul Salopek is tracing the migration path of human ancestors for a project he calls his Out of Eden Walk. Due to COVID-19 he's now stopped in Myanmar. He worries developing countries will be hit hard.

#AMAY | Isolation blues? Myanmar’s ex-political prisoners share survival tips

A long-toed bird preserved in amber from Myanmar is the first of its kind. 

Myanmar: Reduce Prison Populations to Limit COVID-19

Myanmar's ex-political prisoners share isolation survival tips

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Held extensive talks with Mr. U Win Myint, the President of Myanmar. Discussed ways to expand bilateral cooperation in various sectors.

After conceding Partition of India we Hindu owe nothing to foreign Muslims. Thus a big NO to Rohingyas who are religiously persecuted in Myanmar. Besides in 1944 Rohingyas pledged loyalty to Jinnah. For desi Muslims, the Constitution protects them.

Breaking News: The Trump administration is virtually blocking immigration from Nigeria, Africa's most populous country, and Myanmar, where refugees are fleeing genocide. 4 other countries have also been added in an extension of the stringent travel ban.

"If the political price of your ascension to the highest office in Myanmar is your silence, the price is surely too steep.”

A free press is critical to a free society—the detention of journalists anywhere is unacceptable. The Reuters journalists being held in Myanmar should be released immediately.

Ride on time. Recycled bikes from Singapore and Malaysia get Myanmar kids to school

Myanmar just sentenced two of our colleagues to seven years in jail for exposing this massacre. Please share the work of Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo.

My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and families of those affected by two powerful earthquakes in Italy and Myanmar.

BREAKING: We have withdrawn our highest honour, the Ambassador of Conscience Award, from Aung San Suu Kyi, in light of the Myanmar leader’s shameful betrayal of the values she once stood for.

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Canada is deeply concerned by the flow of refugees from Myanmar & reports of serious abuse against the Rohingya. Civilians must be protected