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Sixteen of the 23 players on France’s team come from families that recently immigrated to the country, most of them from Africa. Seven players are Muslim. A testament to how immigrants enrich a country’s culture.
If the shooter was Muslim, we'd call this a terrorist attack.
This was a terrorist attack, committed by a 64-year-old white American. #vegas
Muslim ban
Separating migrant parents and children, even babies
Planned internment camps
Puerto Rico & USVI left to suffer
Realigning America with dictators and spurning our allies
Black athletes forced into patriotic displays
Trade wars

Trump has been president 17 months.
Hi @piersmorgan.

Can you please explain clearly why you conducted a hectoring, aggressive interview against a left-wing Muslim woman, but a respectful, unchallenging interview with the Mussolini-admiring far right extremist Steve Bannon?
BREAKING: SCOTUS has upheld Trump’s Muslim ban. This is not the first time the Court has been wrong, or has allowed official racism and xenophobia to continue rather than standing up to it.

History has its eyes on us — and will judge today’s decision harshly. #NoMuslimBanEver
Congi is suffering from complex identity crisis: Sometimes it is janeodhari party, sometimes Shivbhakt party, sometime Christian run, sometimes Muslim party sometimes Pidi led!!!!
Let’s be clear: if a Muslim were driving that car, there’d be no hesitation from @realDonaldTrump about calling it a terror attack
1 year ago today Jeff Zucker @CNN canceled my show Believer during its second season-refusing to pay me or my staff their due wages-because I tweeted that Trump was a piece of shit for using London terror attack to push his Muslim ban. I haven’t changed my opinion of either man.
To be politically successful, Trump needs to create enemies and divide us up. He needs to turn men against women, white against black, straight against the LGBT community, Christian against Muslim, native born against immigrant. We will not let him win.
NYC: Muslim man killed 8, injured 13.

Trump wants policy change immediately.

VEGAS: White man killed 58, injured 546.

Trump does NOTHING.
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