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If the shooter was Muslim, we'd call this a terrorist attack.
This was a terrorist attack, committed by a 64-year-old white American. #vegas
I don't make it a habit to respond to every ugly tweet from President Trump. If I did, I’d have little time for anything else. But even for Trump, today's retweets of a series of offensive videos from a British right-wing, anti-Muslim fringe group reaches a new low.
NYC: Muslim man killed 8, injured 13.

Trump wants policy change immediately.

VEGAS: White man killed 58, injured 546.

Trump does NOTHING.
Let’s be clear: if a Muslim were driving that car, there’d be no hesitation from @realDonaldTrump about calling it a terror attack
Trump has railed against "illegals," African American athletes, used slur Pocahontas and shared anti-Muslim videos this week. It's Wednesday
BREAKING: Supreme Court allows full enforcement of Trump travel ban affecting residents of six mostly Muslim countries.
In the past 24 hours, Muslims in U.S. & U.K. have been murdered outside of mosques. When will we admit anti-Muslim hatred is out of control?
So in one day:
- Way cleared to turn national monuments over to drillers and strip miners...
- SCOTUS stacked by Mitch McConnell's unprecedented move to hold a seat hostage until there was a Republican POTUS approves Muslim ban...
- Trump's lawyer says POTUS is above the law.
We are all immigrants in America, just ask the Natives. So sorry for the treatment to our Muslim brothers and sisters.
Yet another racist attack against a Muslim woman. Watch how one man steps up to help.
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