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While Trump didn’t explicitly endorse Modi’s moves in Kashmir—the territory between India and rival Pakistan—his remarks risk being interpreted as signaling US support. Modi’s Hindu govt is seeking control of the Muslim-majority territory. @josh_wingrove 

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Kashmiri Hindus fled a violent insurgency in the Muslim-majority region nearly 30 years ago and are still wary of going back even after India's crackdown on the part of Kashmir it controls.

The Muslim-majority Himalayan region of Kashmir has been at the heart of more than 70 years of animosity since the partition of the British colony of India into the separate countries of Muslim Pakistan and majority Hindu India

Amy Kazmin: Mobile phone and internet services to Kashmir’s 8m people have been suspended and New Delhi has barred foreign journalists from visiting Jammu and Kashmir, the only Muslim-majority state

Zakir Naik, wanted in India for fuelling terrorism, said that Kashmir was "singled out for being a Muslim-majority state".

Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi told the U.N. Human Rights Council on Tuesday that India’s “illegal military occupation” of the Muslim-majority territory of Kashmir raises the spectre of “genocide”

#UPDATE  Pakistan's foreign minister demanded Tuesday that the UN launch an international investigation into the situation in Indian Kashmir, warning of the risk of "genocide " in the Muslim-majority region

Along with India’s recent decision to revoke the autonomy of its only Muslim-majority state, Jammu and Kashmir, the Assam citizenship check has intensified a sense of despair among India’s minority Muslims. @suhasiniraj  @gettleman 

Protesters have clashed with police in riot gear in Indian-controlled Kashmir. People in the Muslim-majority region are angry at India's decision to revoke its decades-old special status. #Kashmir  #India  #Pakistan 

"Muslim majority countries continue to maintain convenient alliances with powerful allies for the sake of economic gain, blithely ignorning the injustices inflicted upon their Muslim brothers & sisters." The latest: the UAE's award to Modi despite Kashmir.


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India arrested 30+ more people in India-administered Kashmir. ▪️ The Muslim-majority area is on total lockdown ▪️ Police reportedly fired tear gas and rubber pellets at protesters ▪️ Several people say they avoided getting treatment at hospitals out of fear of being detained

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Friday prayers have taken a defiant tone in Srinagar, becoming a focal point for protests since India’s decision to revoke Kashmir's autonomy. Many residents fear India's Hindu-nationalist government plans to change the demographics of the Muslim-majority region.

Police in India-administered Kashmir fired tear gas and pellets at hundreds of demonstrators who defied restrictions and protested for autonomy. The Muslim-majority region has been on military lockdown for nearly 2 weeks after India revoked its special status.

India is celebrating its independence day. But much of India-administered Kashmir is still on lockdown with roadblocks and blocked phones and internet. Officials say restrictions in the Muslim-majority area will stay in place "for some time."

India eased the curfew in India-administered Kashmir so people could attend Friday prayers. The Muslim-majority area has been on lockdown for 5 days: ▪️ Phones + internet are blocked ▪️ 300+ people are detained ▪️ 50+ protesters hit with pellet guns, reports say

Police used tear gas and pellets to fight back at least 10,000 people protesting Delhi’s withdrawal of special rights for Muslim-majority Jammu and Kashmir state in its main city of Srinagar on Friday, a police official and two witnesses said.

Former Union Minister & Congress leader P Chidambaram in Chennai: Had there been a Hindu majority in Kashmir, BJP wouldn't have touched it (Article 370), but because there is a Muslim majority in Kashmir, they abrogated it. (11.8.19)

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#UPDATE  Indian government rushes through decree to scrap the special status of disputed Kashmir, hours after imposing a major security clampdown in the region. The president abolished Article 370 of the constitution that gave special autonomy to the Muslim-majority region

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#WATCH Mehbooba Mufti: If you break that bridge (Art 370)...then you will have to renegotiate relationship b/w India-Jammu&Kashmir, there will be new conditions...A Muslim majority state, would it even want to stay with you?...If you scrap 370, your relation with J&K will be over

India stationed more than half a million security forces in the disputed Muslim-majority region, Kashmir, to quash an armed rebellion against its rule. New report released by rights groups finds India uses torture as 'instrument of control'

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