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London terror: Muslim Council of Britain says 'attack during Ramadan shows they respect neither life nor faith'
Muslim Council of Britain condemns attack in #Woolwich as "a barbaric act that has no basis in Islam"
BREAKING: Muslim Council says van that struck pedestrians in London ran over worshippers leaving Finsbury Park mosque.
The terrorist front group CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) - connected to Hamas and an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terror funding case - is outraged that a school cancelled a Muslim speaker after parents complained.
Despite head covers usually being banned in prisons for safety reasons, the City of Atlanta Detention Center is allowing female Muslim inmates to wear a head scarf (hijab), after efforts by the Council on American Islamic Relations (org w/ extremist ties).
BREAKING: Muslim Council of Britain says van incident outside London mosque is a 'terror attack' and 'violent manifestation' of Islamophobia
7 months
The Muslim Council of Britain has issued a statement on Twitter condemning the terrorist attack in London
UPDATE: Muslim Council of Britain says on Twitter that a van has run over worshipers as they left London mosque
Muslim Council of Britain says van has "run over worshippers" as they were leaving London
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