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Piers Morgan
if the shooter was muslim we d call this a terrorist attack this was a terrorist attack committed by a 64 year
If the shooter was Muslim, we'd call this a terrorist attack.
This was a terrorist attack, committed by a 64-year-old white American. #vegas
BuzzFeed News
race call michigan democrat rashida tlaib has won mi13 becoming the first muslim woman ever elected to congre
🚨 Race call: Michigan Democrat Rashida Tlaib has won #MI13, becoming the first Muslim woman ever elected to Congress
Peter Beinart
call me crazy but had a muslim killed two white christians in portland i suspect our president would have said
Call me crazy but had a Muslim killed two white Christians in Portland I suspect our president would have said something
Glenn Greenwald
we call amp the first muslim women elected to congress because the first muslim was he was also viciously vili
We call @IlhanMN & @RashidaTlaib "the first Muslim women elected to Congress " because the first Muslim was @keithellison . He was also viciously vilified as an anti-Semite - by the DNC's largest billionaire donor. Perhaps there's a pattern to be seen here?
Daniel Dale
just asked a republican county chairman in alabama what he d say to critics who call roy moore anti muslim ans
Just asked a Republican county chairman in Alabama what he'd say to critics who call Roy Moore anti-Muslim.

Answer: "I'm anti-Muslim too."
Piers Morgan
and let s not call him an atheist actually let s call him what he is a muslim murdering american terrorist cha
And let's not call him an 'atheist', actually. Let's call him what he is: a Muslim-murdering American terrorist.

Hugh Riminton
well white supremacists have achieved one thing this week the muslim call to prayer will be broadcast this fri
Well, white supremacists have achieved one thing this week - the Muslim call to prayer will be broadcast this Friday across NZ on TV and radio, on the orders of PM #JacindaArdern. I’ll have the latest from #Christchurch 5pm ⁦@channeltennews⁩
Manu Raju
@mkraju 1 month
i dont think anybody can say the president is anti muslim mick mulvaney on cbs despite trumps call to impose a
“I don’t think anybody can say the president is anti-Muslim,” Mick Mulvaney on CBS, despite Trump’s call to impose a Muslim ban, saying Islam “hates us,” his Judge Jeanine tweets - among other things. Mulvaney says judge the administration by its “actions.”
Rep. Keith Ellison
if it looks like a muslim ban sounds like a muslim ban and bans muslims from entering the country shouldnt we
If it looks like a Muslim Ban
Sounds like a Muslim Ban
And bans Muslims from entering the country…

Shouldn’t we call it a Muslim Ban?
Abhijit Majumder
rakbar khan dies on being beaten up mercilessly by cow vigilantes in its shameful repulsive lynching but when
Rakbar Khan dies on being beaten up mercilessly by cow vigilantes in #Alwar. It’s shameful, repulsive lynching.
But when 22-year-old Dalit Khetaram Bheel is beaten to death for loving a Muslim girl in #Barmer, you won’t call it lynching? How sick are you?
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