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i bet the people in the facebook murder moderation mines have more complex views on believing in people

A veteran republican has been cleared of soliciting the murder of a mother of 10

A man wanted for murder in Lancaster County is to be considered armed and dangerous, according to authorities. DETAILS: #wccb  #news  #crime  #wanted  #scnews  #sccrime  #lcso 

As 35-year-old Stanley Mossburg was transported from the Polk County, Florida Sheriff's Office to be booked into the jail for murder, he admitted to killing at least three people because God "needs them for the war."

Antonio Mallet spent 20 years in prison for murder based on the testimony of just one man. Now that witness wants to recant, saying he was coerced by NYPD detectives. Great reporting by @KendallTTaggart 

Greg Walker claims detectives assaulted him and threatened to lock him up if he didn’t blame Mallet for the murder.

#BREAKING A 21-year-old #BuffaloState  College student has been accused of attempted murder, among other charges, following a shooting incident that took place on campus.

‘I’m a prophet, not a serial killer’: Floridamurder suspect says God told him to do it>>

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JUST IN: Dallas cop Amber Guyger found guilty of murder for fatally shooting her neighbor Botham Jean in his home. She faces a maximum of life in prison.

Possible Trump motives 1) Protecting income flow from Trump Towers Istanbul 2) Payoff to Turkey to cover up recording of Khashoggimurder by Trump allies 3) Obeisance to Putin 4) Warning to House: if you impeach me, Ill burn every American alliance and interest before I go

BREAKING: In stunning moment, Botham Jean's brother embraces Amber Guyger after her sentencing for his brother's murder. "I don't even want you to go to jail. I want the best for you, because I know that's exactly what Botham would want."

BREAKING: Ex-Dallas cop Amber Guyger has been found guilty of murder for shooting and killing Botham Jean, an unarmed Black man, in his own home.

At the request of many, I will be reviewing the case of a “U.S. Military hero,” Major Matt Golsteyn, who is charged with murder. He could face the death penalty from our own government after he admitted to killing a Terrorist bomb maker while overseas.

“Humans will always murder, no gun law can change that!” screams a country that outlawed too much toothpaste on a plane.

Nobody needs an AR-15 to hunt. Nobody needs a semi-automatic rifle to defend their home. But mass shooters NEED these weapons in order to murder as many people as efficiently as possible. And so nobody will miss them when they are illegal - except for the killers.

When you hear the story of a woman who has witnessed and experienced unspeakable horrors, who has lost her family to murder, you have the decency to face her and get out of your chair. And if you are the president you should know what she’s talking about.

Mass murder at a Pittsburgh synagogue. A killer targeting African Americans in Kentucky. The bomb maker. The focus should not be only on Trump, but all who excuse, abet, or stand in silence while hate is stoked for political gain.