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Narendra Modi is the most deserving candidate &rightful leader of a democracy. He is not in this position because of his parents, he has worked hard to be here. Yes, he should come to power next year as 5 years are not enough to pull a country out of pit: Kangana Ranaut in Mumbai
A Jet Airways Mumbai-Jaipur flight was turned back to Mumbai mid-air today as, during the climb, crew forgot to select switch to maintain cabin pressure. 30 out of 166 pax experienced nose&ear bleeding, some also complained of headache. They're are being treated at Mumbai airport
Please RT.
Missing since 12th May ‘18
Name: Arshad. Age. 13 yrs.
Last seen at Mahim, Mumbai wearing a white T-Shirt & jeans.
Arshad has Downs Syndrome & is incapable of communicating his address or parents phone numbers.
If found please contact Taju on +91 77180 42756
Leaving for Mumbai, where I will join the convocation ceremony at IIT-B. Looking forward to interacting with bright youngsters. Will also inaugurate the new building of the Department of Energy Science and Engineering as well as Centre for Environmental Science and Engineering.
Sachin Pol’s bravery & presence of mind saves a toddler from being run over by train at Mahalaxmi railway station, Mumbai. We all are proud of the Maharashtra Security Force Jawan for his exceptionally brave act.
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Petrol in Mumbai Rs 86, in Delhi Rs 80. But mysterious silence !!!
Took 12010 Shatabdi from Ahmedabad to Mumbai. Tried the new Anubhuti class. Super clean cabins (cleaned 4 times during trip), great food, v nice seats and excellent service. Felt like a joy trip. Best Railways product so far. Skip the plane, take the train!
BREAKING: Jet Airways plane has been forced to return to Mumbai as passengers started bleeding from their noses and ears due to problems with cabin pressure.
And here in Mumbai,a friend stuck in a car to the airport for 5 hrs told me that slumdwellers came out to serve stranded people tea&biscuits
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