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Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch: “The Strzok firing is as much about the Mueller operation as anything else. There would be no Mueller Special Councel to investigate so called collusion but for the machinations of Strzok & his colleagues at the top levels of the FBI. We know this...
....guy was corrupt and had anti-Trump animus. Strzok and others at the FBI should be criminally investigated for the way the conducted this investigation. Instead, Mueller is pretending nothing went wrong. He used Strzok, he used the Clinton DNC Dossier...the whole thing....
.@JudgeJeanine “Bob Mueller, isn’t your whole investigation premised on a Fake Dossier, paid for by Hillary, created by a man who hates Donald Trump, & used to con a FISA Court Judge. Bob, I really think it’s time for you to give up your phony investigation.” No Collusion!
Don't believe for a second that Giuliani & Trump are honestly negotiating an interview w/ Mueller. Trump's lawyers never intended him to interview w/ Mueller b/c they know he would get caught in his lies and lying to the FBI is a crime. The president will never meet w/ Mueller.
LIVE! Why People Are Freaking Out About MrBeast, Tommy Robinson Released, & Trump Mueller Escalates...
...Why aren’t Mueller and the 17 Angry Democrats looking at the meetings concerning the Fake Dossier and all of the lying that went on in the FBI and DOJ? This is the most one sided Witch Hunt in the history of our country. Fortunately, the facts are all coming out, and fast!
#LDTPoll: After the firings of agent Peter Strzok, deputy director Andrew Mccabe and director James Comey .. is it time for the FBI to end the Mueller Witch Hunt and reopen the investigation into Clinton corruption?
There is No Collusion! The Robert Mueller Rigged Witch Hunt, headed now by 17 (increased from 13, including an Obama White House lawyer) Angry Democrats, was started by a fraudulent Dossier, paid for by Crooked Hillary and the DNC. Therefore, the Witch Hunt is an illegal Scam!
Andrew McCarthy - “I said this could never happen. This is so bad that they should be looking at the judges who signed off on this stuff, not just the people who gave it. It is so bad it screams out at you.” On the whole FISA scam which led to the rigged Mueller Witch Hunt!
Imagine the reaction if this is what Mueller ends up concluding.
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