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If President fired Bob Mueller, Congress would immediately re-establish independent counsel and appoint Bob Mueller. Don't waste our time.
Tick tock, tick tock. Does Mueller really want to get to the WHOLE TRUTH?
Mueller has authority to investigate any ties Trump family has to Russia, including financial, and anything that arises. That is his duty.
prediction just in from top R strategist: Trump resigns "once Mueller closes in on him and the family," Pence makes Rubio VP, "GOP recovers"
You know who's not taking a vacation for the next 17 days, @POTUS?

Robert Mueller.
President Trump got 68.63% in West Virginia, 4.8% in Washingtoin DC. Guess where Mueller has a grand jury? Guess how biased it will be?
Will Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller fabricate the results of his investigation like he did with Iraq?
Bob Mueller wouldn't impanel a grand jury if there was no evidentiary basis to move forward. If true, investigation moving into a new phase.
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Fully transparent: @POTUS wants to force Sessions to resign so he can appoint someone to curb Mueller probe. Only works if Senate lets it.
Disgusted Robert Mueller Eats 2 20-Piece Chicken McNugget Meals In One Sitting In Attempt To Get Into Trump’s Mind
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