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“The highest level of bias I’ve ever witnessed in any law enforcement officer.” Trey Gowdy on the FBI’s own, Peter Strzok. Also remember that they all worked for Slippery James Comey and that Comey is best friends with Robert Mueller. A really sick deal, isn’t it?
Comey gave Strozk his marching orders. Mueller is Comey’s best friend. Witch Hunt!
Why was the FBI’s sick loser, Peter Strzok, working on the totally discredited Mueller team of 13 Angry & Conflicted Democrats, when Strzok was giving Crooked Hillary a free pass yet telling his lover, lawyer Lisa Page, that “we’ll stop” Trump from becoming President? Witch Hunt!
Mark Penn “Why are there people from the Clinton Foundation on the Mueller Staff? Why is there an Independent Counsel? To go after people and their families for unrelated offenses...Constitution was set up to prevent this...Stormtrooper tactics almost.” A disgrace!
Daniel Henninger of The Wall Street Journal: “This IG Report makes it clear, as did Rod Rosenstein’s memo, that Trump was absolutely justified, unquestionably justified, in firing Jim Comey. So I think the Mueller Investigation is on pretty weak grounds right now.” Witch Hunt!
False statements about wiretaps at Trump Tower.

False statements about unmasking.

False statesments about a political spy in the Trump campaign.

False statements about the Mueller investigation that has indicted the President’s top staff.

It’s not spy-gate, only lie-gate.
Special Counsel Mueller has served our country with honesty and integrity. It’s critical he be allowed to complete a thorough investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election — unimpeded.
John Kelly: Trump wants "everything out"


Trump's tax returns

Trump interview with Mueller

Democrats' rebuttal memo

The other FISA warrants

White House visitor logs

Bannon's House testimony

Stormy Daniels' story

The list of foreign customers at Trump properties
....“$17 million spent, it’s a scam Investigation. Americans are being worked. We now know there was Russian collusion, with Russians and the Democrats. The Mueller team is stacked with anti-Trumpers, who actually represented Clinton people (& gave $’s to Crooked H).” Dan Bongino
.@jasoninthehouse: Anything Mueller is doing with his investigation is tainted by the anti-Trump FBI agents
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