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DOJ's Shapiro says the House keeps "shifting" in its reasons for why it needs the Mueller materials. The initial application was about obstruction and the Mueller report and McGahn. Howell cuts her off, says she may need to give "deference" to the House.

Stabenow says she now backs an impeachment inquiry for President Donald Trump, citing concerns about Trump's potential obstruction of justice as described in special counsel Robert Mueller's report.

NEW In first 10 mins Mueller says - wrong to say his report was 'complete exoneration' - wrong to say he found no obstruction - wrong to say he looked at collusion That directly contradicts Trump's main claims about report.

@GOPLeader  McCarthy says he has NO concerns about Trump when it comes to Mueller Report section on obstruction of justice

Mueller again says, while he affirms what Democratic members are reading from report about Pres Trump's actions that may constitute obstruction of justice, this "does not mean I agree with the premise"

Mueller so far: * Says report doesn’t exonerate Trump on obstruction * Rarely straying beyond report * At times struggling to keep up with rapid-fire Qs * Hearing Qs from Ds about Trump efforts to fire Mueller and Sessions @davidvoreacos 

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Pres Trump has no plans to watch RobertMueller's testimony Wednesday, though he may see a little bit of it. But says Democrats have "gone off the deep end" about the Mueller report. Pres repeats that there was no collusion, no obstruction. “There was no nothing.” he says.

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On upcoming Mueller testimony, @POTUS  asks "how many bites at the apple do you get," He says Democrats want to hurt him for the 2020 election. Says there's nothing bad Mueller can say about him because his report concluded " no collusion and effectively no obstruction."

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Rep. Adam Schiff calls the first volume of the Mueller report "a report about the exercise of prosecutorial judgment." "A finding of no collusion, much less a finding of no obstruction is nowhere to be seen on any page or in any passage," he says.

In remarks today, Trump said Mueller found “no obstruction.” Here’s what the report says about obstruction:


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Mueller Report addresses one enduring mystery — WHY all the lies if no Trump-Russia conspiracy? Mueller says the evidence shows Trump took efforts at obstruction because he feared a “thorough” probe “would uncover facts” about Trump that he “could have understood to be crimes.”

Attorney General William Barr "deliberately misrepresented key aspects of Mueller’s report" to create a false narrative about Trump's obstruction, says @justinamash 

Rep. David Cicilline says a report that there are less redacted versions of memos about Michael Flynn's cooperation with Robert Mueller is "very explosive," adding that the memos are "relevant to the question of obstruction of justice."

"Why didn't they mention in the Mueller report all of the horrible things that we found out about the other side?" asks. "Even the 'New York Times' now says [Steele dossier] was fake," he adds, reiterating that there was "no collusion" and "no obstruction."

Wash Post says that DOJ "plans to release a lightly redacted version" of the Mueller Report - lightly redacted - and it will thus provide a "granular look" at Mueller's findings. Notably emphasizes debates over obstruction - almost nothing about collusion

Trump says Mueller probe was a "total exoneration" of him and his campaign, but the report leaves open questions about obstruction of justice