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Imagine if Mueller’s report included a phone call between Trump and Putin from 2016 in which Trump asked Putin 8 times to interfere in the election. That would have been the smoking gun, right?

It's been five months since Mueller'>Robert Mueller released his report on the Russia investigation. Now President Trump is on the brink of another scandal involving a foreign power.

Dems incurred huge opportunity costs by ducking Mueller's referral. In one scenario, a unified inquiry discourages Trump from colludung again at all. In another this lands in the middle of the impeachment push instead of at a moment when phobic Dems are holding the party hostage.

@NancyPelosi  backs changing the law to clarify that a sitting president can be indicted. Democrats are leaning on the suggestion that a longstanding DOJ policy prevented former Mueller'>Special Counsel Robert Mueller from indicting Trump.

new @elizabethforma  statement: "After the Mueller report, Congress had a duty to begin impeachment. By failing to act, Congress is complicit in Trump's latest actions. It’s time for Congress to do their constitutional duty and impeach the president."

"Moreover, w/ Russia, at least there was an attempt to get the facts through the Mueller investigation; here the WH is trying to shut down the entire inquiry from the start—depriving not just the American people, but even congressional intelligence committees, of necessary info."

Warren has been calling for impeachment since the Mueller Report came out.

Democrats have contended that Trump, in the aftermath of Mueller’s Russia probe, may have asked for foreign assistance in his upcoming reelection bid. Trump further stoked those concerns earlier this year when he said he would be open to receiving help.

I love that @PreetBharara  just called @realDonaldTrump  a "recidivist" on @CNN  .... I guess Potus didn't learn anything from the Mueller investigation.

On at 3:36pm: @RanttNews 's @AhmedBaba_joins  @NikkiMedoroto  explain why the whistleblower complaint against Trump could be bigger than anything in the Mueller Report. Listen live: 📷: Carolyn Kaster/AP Images

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They failed on the Mueller Report, they failed on Robert Mueller’s testimony, they failed on everything else, so now the Democrats are trying to build a case that I enrich myself by being President. Good idea, except I will, and have always expected to, lose BILLIONS of DOLLARS..

Here’s what Mueller said: ➡️ Russia interfered in our election to help Trump. ➡️ Russians made numerous contacts with the campaign. ➡️ Campaign welcomed their help. ➡️ No one reported these contacts or interference to FBI. ➡️ They lied to cover it up.

Why didn't Mueller charge Joseph Mifsud for lying to the FBI?

The Failing New York Times, in one of the most devastating portrayals of bad journalism in history, got caught by a leaker that they are shifting from their Phony Russian Collusion Narrative (the Mueller Report & his testimony were a total disaster), to a Racism Witch Hunt.....

Mueller was asked, “Did you actually totally exonerate the president?" He responded simply, “No,” and said, “The president was not exculpated.” When asked if it was true Trump could be charged when he leaves office, Mueller responded simply, “True.” That’s pretty clear cut.

Nothing changes from the Mueller Report. There was insufficient evidence and therefore, in our Country, a person is innocent. The case is closed! Thank you.

“These guys, the investigators, ought to be in jail. What they have done, working with the Obama intelligence agencies, is simply unprecedented. This is one of the greatest political hoaxes ever perpetrated on the people of this Country, and Mueller is a coverup.” Rush Limbaugh

You're going to want to make sure your friends see this: Senators Booker, Coons, and Flake just asked for the Senate's unanimous consent to pass a bill protecting the Mueller investigation from President Trump. But they didn’t get it. Because McConnell objected.

I would like to thank the Democrats for holding this morning’s hearing. Now, after 3 hours, Mueller'>Robert Mueller has to subject himself to #ShiftySchiff  - an Embarrassment to our Country!

Wow, Mr. President, that’s a good one. Was that like your answers to Mr. Mueller’s questions, or did you write this one yourself?