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so help me god i will kill the baby mr. peanut

Planters resolved the untimely death of their longstanding mascot Mr. Peanut by ... reincarnating him into a roly-poly, so very marketable little Baby Nut

Two organizations attempted to manipulate Twitter to their benefit, one being a nation-sponsored actor and the other involving Mr. Peanut.

The idea for Mr. Peanut’s next chapter was the brainchild of VaynerMedia, the agency behind the campaign.

what is going on with Kraft marketing? First they kill Mr Peanut, now they are mixing up mac and cheese with parental sex lives.

I had a similar objection to the first Mr. Peanut commercial. People were talking about Mr. Peanut but all I could think was "there's no way that Mr. Peanut falling would actually save Matt Walsh and Wesley Snipes too." I need to take commercials less literally.

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The rebirth of Mr. Peanut was a cause for celebration on Monday in Wilkes-Barre, the place where the Planters icon got his start.


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Mr. Peanut Is Reborn in Epic Conclusion to Planters' #SBLIV  Campaign#BabyNut 

Planters sacrificing Mr. Peanut off the mountain. #RIPPeanut  O_/ _/| __)\ ` \ ? /\ /**\ /\ /****\ / \ / \ /** \ / /\ / \ / / \ / \

Planters hits pause on Mr. Peanut's #SuperBowl  funeral following Kobe Bryant's death

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Planters announces Mr. Peanut dead at 104 after heroic act

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i have a south park avi. my bio is an arrested development quote. i’ve replied “Don’t you mean Superb Owl?” 27 times and “But is it a sandwich?” 107 times. i care about the mr. peanut thing. i support pete buttegieg. i am legion

Talk about adding insult to injury. Not only has Mr. Peanut died but I heard democrats were considering calling him as a witness in the impeachment hearings. Apparently he heard some juicy stuff at a small bar in Uraine. RIP

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Oh we see you Mr. Peanut. Dab on that #MacysParade  bro! ? @MrPeanut  @Macys 

s/o to the real ones that understood my "Mr Deed's" peanut butter and gumball pizza tweet. That movie is too OG I swearrrrr