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Last lap, last corner, last on the brakes! ✊ The #ThaiGP  goes down to the final metres once again! 🏁 #MotoGP 

You've won the MotoGP championship, you're celebrating, then you hear the following: "Hallooo my babbiiiiieeee" Disaster 😂 We still can't believe Scott Redding managed to dislocate the shoulder of Marc Márquez last year! #JapaneseGP 

Rewind and relive what happened last weekend in Buriram 🔥 #MotoGP  | #ThaiGP  🎥

EASILY one of the highlights of the season... MotoGP heads to Japan, it's time to bring out the mini-motos! 😆 The 2018 race was an epic 🙌 #JapaneseGP 

Learn a bit more about the history of Brazil in the #MotoGP  World Championship#BrazilianGP  | 📰

Will Zarco prove KTM wrong with his surprise Honda#MotoGP  chance? Plus what he can learn from Rea and Hayden: