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Woke Oscar Ratings Collapse 20 Percent to All-Time Low: A night of moronic, petulant, self indulged, narcissists who make garbage movies. Fitting best picture was a foreign language non-Hollywood pic.

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Nintendo Switch Airport Lounges are a Moronic Idea; What’s the Point?

Nintendo Switch Airport Lounges are a Moronic Idea; What’s the Point?

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@bennitetwink  @ContraPoints  @TrueAnonPodYeah , I almost didn’t tweet this because I knew it would make me responsible for everything bad he’s ever said or will said but I decided long ago never to be constrained by those moronic tactics.

On which date? Moronic questions deserve a counter question

Governor @JBPritzker  I hope if the moronic proposal made by @replilly78  to ban the ability of IL drivers to pump our own gas ever reaches your desk that you would veto this. So much wrong with this, screws IL drivers in so many ways. Dumbest proposed legislation I've ever seen.

‘Oh. My. God.’ AOC rips the notion of the American Dream despite being ‘agonizingly moronic’ and winning a seat in Congress [video]

Temporarily making my Twitter public to say this: To all the absolutely moronic people I have kicked out of my life: GET OVER IT Move on with your life, it's over, I want you out, for good. Stop obsessing over me, stop making your whole life about me, MOVE. THE FUCK. ON.

The College, formerly known as SUNY Brockport, returns to being called SUNY Brockport after realizing that branding itself as “The College” was moronic. “Our long, campus public relations nightmare is over,” the provost told students.

@spatters  @stoneyvonowenson710  Fake news? Don’t be moronic. It’s historical fact. It’s in the congressional record.


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So what? Moronic breathless reporting about nothing. And how sleazy to tape the president at a private dinner.

The 1st Amendment is not exclusively for journalists. The absurd argument from this "Democratic strategist" over whether or not @MrAndyNgo  was engaging in journalism is not only pointless, it's moronic. We all have a right to free speech. Period. @IngrahamAngle  @jessebwatters 

AOC is right for once.  She’s not going anywhere. Stuck in her own moronic, narcissistic, demagogic, half-witted world of radical leftwing utopianism without any possibility of enlightenment or recovery. 

What said about Trump's tax returns is, to use his word, "moronic." Like most Republicans, he and his new senate staff don't know the law.

Look at all these leftwing scoundrels trying to press law enforcement and Congress to target Hannity. Beyond moronic.

This is what happens when moronicPolitically Correct culture is allowed to rule over common sense and rational thinking. Truly one of the dumbest takes on a terrible tragedy I’ve ever seen. #mollietibbits 

40,000 people re-tweeted, and almost 160,000 people "liked," this moronic, plutocratic dreck, fantasizing about a billionaire white knight who comes and saves us all by buying communications platforms and nobly censoring political enemies. #Resist 

you help no one, especially those panicked in Hawaii, with your moronic moral posturing. Go back to eating yogurt.

Just saw the video of the Chelsea mob's deplorable behaviour and racist chants. Sickening, embarrassing, moronic, disgraceful.