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Happening at Santa Anita in Arcadia Nov. 1-2, the #BreedersCup  is full of exciting events both on and off the track. Enter to win the Grand Prize of tickets and a Christina A. Moore Millinery gift card; or one of two first prizes to a pair of tickets. #ad 

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Judge Roy Moore Has Raised $63K So Far As He Attempts Another Bid For Senate

Moore confirms another new jockey for Aethero as Purton misses out

Former @qantaswallabies  captain Moore'>Stephen Moore says belief is the key to Australia beating England in their quarter-final #ENGvAUSl #RWC2019ash.

@ChattanoogaPD  INTERSTATE REOPENS: TDOT says I-24 traffic east and westbound has resumed between Moore Rd and Spring Creek Rd after nearly 2-hour closure Tuesday night. DEVELOPING STORY:

Moore sharing some research. Main effect is delay in gestational age. They don't change their plan, it just wastes their time, aren't 'chastened' by objectors. She says best way is direct referral to service #RANZCOG19 

On difficult colleagues, Moore says you have to start the conversation. You have to be careful with your language #RANZCOG19 

But Moore stresses this conversation must be led by @ranzcog  'and we have abrogated' this responsibility until now #RANZCOG19 


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Moore'>Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace: “The whole climate crisis is not only Fake News, it’s Fake Science. There is no climate crisis, there’s weather and climate all around the world, and in fact carbon dioxide is the main building block of all life.” Wow!

Roy Moore’s campaign spokesman says Muslims shouldn’t be in US Congress because they have to swear on the Bible. He responds with silence, mouth agape, when informs him that’s not the case

Moore'>Roy Moore campaign spokesman responds with silence when asked if he knew people can be sworn in with a text other than the Christian bible

LAPD chief Moore'>Michel Moore: "I saw the name Nipsey Hussle, and I looked at that again, and I looked at it again, and it was like I could not believe it... This is a voice that was trying to help."

So Doug Jones, a lifelong prosecutor who convicted the monsters that murdered four little girls is "soft on crime," but Moore'>Roy Moore, the district attorney alleged to have molested a child and sexually assaulted a 16yo is not. Got it.

BREAKING: Democrat Doug Jones won election to the U.S. Senate from Alabama in a sharp blow to President Trump that narrows the GOP’s majority in the Senate to two. He beat Moore'>Roy Moore, a former chief justice of the state Supreme Court who had been accused of sexual misconduct.

Roy Moore in the US Senate would be a stain on the GOP and on the nation. Leigh Corfman and other victims are courageous heroes. No vote, no majority is worth losing our honor, our integrity.

Innocent until proven guilty is for criminal convictions, not elections. I believe Leigh Corfman. Her account is too serious to ignore. Moore is unfit for office and should step aside.

My name is Michael Moore. I am an American. And I live in a Rogue State. #ParisAccord