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Molotov cocktails were thrown at Border Police vehicles near the Yitzhar settlement in the West Bank, @BeeriTamar  reports.

I mean, we could have spent World War II riding the Russians for signing the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, or we could get on with beating Hitler. Technically the former would have been “right”, but was it the priority?

A man has been charged after police allegedly seized Molotov cocktails in the state’s west.

Security measures are stepped up at David Cameron's London house after ex-PM 'was targeted in suspected Molotov cocktail attack'

A Baltimore County woman faces arson and attempted murder charges in Anne Arundel and Baltimore counties after investigators said she hurled Molotov cocktails into a house and two places of worship.

Security measures are stepped up at David Cameron's London house after ex-PM 'was targeted in suspected Molotov cocktail attack'

David Cameron was being 'targeted in suspected Molotov cocktail attack' that destroyed cottage near his countryside home

VIDEO: Violent feminist, pro-abortion protesters smash windows, toss Molotov cocktails, vandalize churches during International Women's Day protests in Mexico


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How many American protests involve throwing rocks and Molotov cocktails at soldiers while attempting to breach a border?

This Yogi Adityanath treatment of rioters was long needed. Der aaye, durust aaye. Indian Constitution doesn't give you the right to riot, set trains and buses on fire, throw stones and Molotov cocktails. Dealt with them without mercy. #UttarPradeshProtests  #Muzaffarnagar 

Around 100 pro-democracy protesters are barricaded inside a Hong Kong university in a tense standoff with police. They’re facing desperate conditions after fighting police Monday with Molotov cocktails, catapults, and bows and arrows. @RamyInocencio  reports from Hong Kong.

Here’s a photo of a Hong Kong “protester” throwing a Molotov cocktail, but there’s a Glock pistol on his waist! Seems like this undercover police officer forgot to hide it or just leave it home.

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A man who was allegedly armed with a rifle and throwing Molotov cocktails at an ICE detention center in Tacoma, Washington was killed by police officers

Here is video of the migrant caravan throwing rocks & molotov cocktails at Mexican security forces on the Guatemalan border. I reached out to the man who took this video. He confirms it's authenticity. Watch it. The caravan is violent.

President Trump secures the release of another kidnapped American.And unlike Obama, he paid no ransom & made no deal.The Left could learn a lot from Trump if they’d put down the equivalent of their political Molotov cocktails & pay attention.

Michigan parents turned in their teenage son after he confessed to planning an attack on his school. The 15-year-old student was arraigned on 8 criminal charges. Police found Molotov cocktails and materials to make pipe bombs as well as 2 guns and ammunition in his home.

Fire beside Pratt library was not caused by Molotov cocktail. The teargas grenade landed on trash and its sparks set the fire. Watched it.