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In Opinion Molly Worthen writes that participants in the faith and work movement “are moving beyond the idolatry of the free market to a conversation about economic justice that doesn’t align so neatly with culture war clichés or party platforms.”

Committed Christian and author Jemar Tisby is joined by historians of religion John Fea and Molly Worthen to help answer the question: What exactly is the relationship between conservative evangelicalism and America today?

In Opinion University of North Carolina professor Molly Worthen writes: “How can professors keep exposing students to uncomfortable facts — because that’s our job — while encouraging them to speak their minds and hear out arguments they find outrageous?”

In Opinion Molly Worthen writes of alternative colleges, “They represent a growing movement of students, teachers and reformers who are trying to compensate for mainstream higher education’s failure to help young people find a calling"

In , Op-Ed contributor Molly Worthen writes about "the podcast bro ethos: Ditch your ideologically charged identity. Accept your evolutionary programming. Take responsibility for mastering it, and find a cosmic purpose."

Where in the world can we find hope? A searing essay by Molly Worthen

16. (For a deeper history of this debate, see Molly Worthen’s excellent book “Apostles of Reason”)

We can do better than church: Molly Worthen attended Sunday Assembly, the church for atheists, and came away ...