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EU's foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini says "it's not up to any single country to terminate" Iran nuclear deal
#BREAKING EU's Mogherini says Iran deal is "working and delivering," Trump does not have power to terminate it
In a sharp rebuke to Trump, Mogherini said "it is not up to any single country to terminate" the Iran nuclear deal
Mogherini: EU continues to fully support #IranNuclearDeal, no one country can terminate Iran deal
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IMPORTANT: Mogherini says: ALL attackers were EU citizens as far as we know
Appointed. The European Council has appointed FM Federica Mogherini as the next EU High Representative #EUCO @FedericaMog
EU's Mogherini: JCPOA is not a domestic issue. Not in the hands of any president anywhere in the world to terminate it.
Mogherini: The President of the US has many powers, but not this one. The rest of the int'l community & EU will preserve the agreement
Federica Mogherini said the United States had no right to unilaterally terminate the Iran nuclear accord
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