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Read how the team led by @NYTNational  editor @marclacey , co-moderator of Tuesday’s Democratic presidential debate, covers the country from the ground up.

Great comments from the moderator of our first panel, Andrea Kent - 'Governments come and go but consumers are forever. So unless consumers can appreciate the benefits of #ethanol , they aren't going to have support for governments coming in and putting in biofuels policies'

@MeetThePress  moderator@chucktodd  repeatedly presses Mattis to attack Trump, the General refuses

Following the arrest of two of Rudy Giuliani’s associates this week, and a promise from European Ambassador Gordon Sondland to testify against President Trump, @MeetThePress  moderator@chucktodd  has more on what this adds to the impeachment inquiry.

StackOverflow user #1 : “What’s 2+2?" StackOverflow user #2 : “What’s 3+1?" Me: “4, and also 4." StackOverflow moderator: “Please don't post identical answers to multiple questions. Instead, tailor the answer to the question asked.”

What a great turnout for Liz Prueitt (with moderatorPhyllis Grant) today! Her new Tartine Cookbook is sublime.

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Onstage now: Moderator Christine Sinsky AMA leads a panel discussion on freeing physicians to do their jobs with Sam Butler, Andrew Gettinger, Edward Lee, Marc Overhage and Ashwini Zenooz. Watch live. #FutureofEHR 


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@AnyoneTennis : @timkaine  Cannot believe how often the moderator interrupts #Pence  vs the other obvious @FoxNews " So true!

Today, three former Facebook content moderators are going on the record to talk about working conditions at their site in Tampa, FL. Their office was filthy, and their work was grim. Last year, a moderator had a heart attack at his desk and died

MODERATOR: In one or two words, what would your first act as President be? BERNIE: Special interests KAMALA: Immigration MARIANNE WILLIAMSON: I was reading a wonderful article in GOOP about New Zealand,

Trump debate moderator, CNBC's John Harwood, colluded with Clinton campaign on questions for interview

"Don't interrupt me, Jason," says Ted Cruz as the moderator tried to ask a follow-up question on the importance of remaining civil in debate. #TexasDebate 

"Your first sentence should be a question," our moderator tells the audience, "and you shouldn't have a second sentence." I am totally stealing this line.

Moderator: “Respectfully, you won’t answer the pay-to-play question.” #Debate  #BigLeagueTruth 

Moderator: Hillary paid $225,000 by a Brazilian bank for a speech that called for “open borders.” That’s a quote! #Debate  #BigLeagueTruth 

debate moderator asked candidates to say something nice about each other O’Rourke praised Cruz’ sacrifice for his beliefs/goals for country at expense of family life Cruz praised O’Rourke for sincerely fighting for socialism, bigger government, higher taxes like Bernie Sanders

HE JUST YELLED FOR 3 MINUTES, CUT OFF THE MODERATOR SEVERAL TIMES, and then said he has a better temperament. Hahahaha this is epic! 😂😂😂