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When writing about their experience with Covid, Mr Cummings says they didn’t mention they were in Durham in their Spectator articles about Covid lest a mob gather outside their parents’ house.

12/Allowing people to turn off replies would finally kill off the last remnants of the Golden Age of Shitposting. You could still dunk with quote-tweets or screenshots, but you couldn't summon mobs into someone's mentions. That will be the end of mob tactics.

10/The MAGAs usually don't even really mob. They just waft through people's feeds like a noxious cloud, aimlessly shouting talking points about the Plandemic or Fauci or calling you a shitlib.

5/The Banning of the Nazis changed the game. Mobs could still mob people, but instead of making a bunch of threats, hounding them offline, subjecting them to bot assaults, etc., all mobs could really do was to get a bunch of humans to say "You're stupid".

2/In the early days of the Golden Age of Shitposting - roughly, 2014-2016 - the alt-right, including Gamergate, ruled the roost. They were insanely aggressive, very skilled at mob tactics, utterly cruel and ruthless. They used bots, offline harassment, you name it.

55 Years Ago Today: Muhammad Ali knocks out Sonny Liston and Neil Leifer takes one of the best sports photos of all time. It’s not clear Liston, who had tied to the mob, ever got hit. Ali: “Get up and fight, you sucker. Nobody will believe this!”

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I strongly condemn the attack on a special train, ferrying stranded people from Goa to my state.A mob attacked the train on Sunday when it halted in Bihar.I appeal to Bihar CM Nitish Kumar to book miscreants immediately. Requesting Railways Minister to look into this: Manipur CM

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13/The Golden Age of Shitposting was a lot more shit than gold. But it probably has lots of lessons to offer -- about politics, media, social status, conformity pressure, availability heuristic, mob mentality, etc. We'll be unraveling these lessons for decades to come. (end)

What’s more disturbing: Cummings’ behaviour - or the mob pursuing him, asks Brendan O'Neill

May 24, 1920 - New York Times: Mob besieges jail in Alexandria, Virginia, bent on lynching African-American man arrested for murder #100yearsago 

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“The circus is coming to town. The corrupt, compromised, coward & congenital liar Adam Schiff Show on Capital Hill, brought to you by his raging psychotic Democrats & the top allies in the Mob'>Media Mob. Everything you’re going to see in the next two weeks is rigged.....

Over 200 million Muslims call India home. Widespread anti-Muslim mob violence has killed at least 27 and injured many more. Trump responds by saying, "That's up to India." This is a failure of leadership on human rights.

You don’t hand matches to an arsonist, and you don’t give power to an angry left-wing mob. Democrats have become too EXTREME and TOO DANGEROUS to govern. Republicans believe in the rule of law - not the rule of the mob. VOTE REPUBLICAN!


The transcript of the call reads like a classic mob shakedown: – We do a lot for Ukraine – There’s not much reciprocity – I have a favor to ask – Investigate my opponent – My people will be in touch Nice country you got there. It would be a shame if something happened to her.

“The only way to shut down the Democrats new Mob Rule strategy is to stop them cold at the Ballot Box. The fight for America’s future is never over!” Ben Shapiro

I'm calling on the GOP to stop Trump's filthy talk of whistleblowers being spies & using mob language implying they should be killed. Impeachment is not good enough for Trump. He needs to be imprisoned & placed in solitary confinement. But for now, impeachment is the imperative.

Allow me to reiterate: There is NO WAY Obama could have 1) had an affair with a porn star 2) while Michelle was pregnant! 3) paid her $130k to keep it on the low 4) and STILL have religious folks defending him! There would have been a mob at the WH demanding for his removal!!!

Ever since his vicious and totally false statements about Admiral Ron Jackson, the highly respected White House Doctor for Obama, Bush & me, Senator John Tester looks to be in big trouble in the Great State of Montana! He behaved worse than the Democrat Mob did with Justice K!