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I’m gon’ say this, then I’m done: Can the #YangGang  ask @AndrewYangVFA  who he supports now in the primary? Ask your guy who he thinks can best do the job since he has dropped out. He’s met them all. He knows them all. He knows who best mirrors his thoughts and values...

Opinion: Don't worry about the mirrors: this is a surplus built on smoke @swrighteconomy 

good morning ☀️ only two hours left to get your free mirrors, wipes and headbands on 💕

I don't have a lot time just want to hav fun go my way u go yours i dont want 2make sense i can't tell one from the other everyone look same no mirrors they ruin everything i love all kinds of people via ladoodle_pwalla BerryYNWA

The world would be a better place if there were no mirrors, no one would know what they looked like. People would stop hating because of the color of someone’s skin. The mirror is one invention we can do without. Vanity of vanities it’s all vanity under the sun. What do u think?

Fender mirrors look cool, are useless

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32-year-old man dies after being found in bathroom with broken mirrors, drug paraphernalia

VIDEO: Polar bear see, polar bear do? Columbus Zoo 11-week-old polar bear mirrors mother.


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A look at how @JacksonWang852  found his voice, and made chart history, with his debut solo album #Mirrors 

wonder what the mirror’s telling you these days.

Why is the Department of Homeland Security reportedly building secret dossiers on journalists & immigration lawyers? Apparent profiling mirrors the behavior of autocrats. I will be demanding answers.

Delighted that my Mirrors EP will be released in 10” vinyl exclusively for Record Store Day on 21/04 . #RSD 

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It's @recordstoreday2018  ! You can pick up my exclusive 10" vinyl Mirrors EP today at independent record stores #RSD2018 

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Mirrors is such a badman tune

How Can Mirrors Be Real If Our Eyes Aren't Real