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@nytimestheater  Here is how The New York Times has covered "West Side Story " on stage and screen since its 1957 premiere, with appearances by Arthur Laurents, Miranda'>Lin-Manuel Miranda, the Bolshoi Ballet, Josie de Guzman, and Marni Nixon

@QuentinDempster  @MrKRuddT  @rupertmurdochhe  joke that is the Oz political coverage was on full display in that P1 lead - a "maybe " policy idea two years ago that went nowhere. All the news judgment of the coalition's campaign headquarters. A branch of the sort of company that is proud to promote Miranda Divine'>Mad Miranda Divine.

Who knew that using rap music to explore the life of a US Founding Father could be a winning formula? Perhaps only someone as talented as Miranda'>Lin-Manuel Miranda, who has turned the life of Alexander Hamilton into a record-breaking success | @GoodWeekendMag 

Three schools in Miranda electorate have received grants

#SoundsLikeSanDiego : Tonight, country superstar Miranda Lambert rolls into town, Evan Dando reappears with the Frogs, and Strawberry Moons lead an all-star local lineup at Bar Pink.

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@NqabaNelly  Hi Miranda, if you visit our careers website , you’ll be able to see a list of opportunities. You can also follow our LinkedIn page . Good luck in your search!

“Post Miranda, the defendant advised he was ‘high as f--k.’” Florida man arrested for 4th DUI refuses a breathalyzer


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Nancy Pelosi has lost control of her party. Last week's petulant antics "underscored the desperation of a party that has lurched to the left" to satisfy its increasingly socialist base, Miranda Devine writes.

THREAD #1 : A point-by-point breakdown of Judge Kavanaugh's claims about the Miranda'>Manny Miranda email theft scandal.

Lin-Manuel Miranda and Ben Platt just finished performing at the March for Our Lives. Follow our live coverage here:

Miranda'>Watch Lin-Manuel Miranda sing a moving lullaby to kids whose parents were taken from them at the border #FamiliesBelongTogetherMarch 

NOW: Republicans just killed another Democrat motion, this one to subpoena individuals like Miranda'>Manny Miranda who have knowledge of Brett Kavanaugh’s use of stolen Democratic strategy memos on judicial nominees.

People can write all the threads they want defending Kavanaugh’s testimony but it doesn’t change the basic facts: 1. He testified Miranda'>Manny Miranda never sent any materials prepared by Dem staff and he did 2. He testified that he wasn’t involved in Pryor’s nomination and he was

what's this about me asking miranda out, its not true!