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President Trump just nominated Rep. Ratcliffe to be the next DNI DirectorFlashback Watch Rep. Ratcliffe destroy Mueller in only 4 minutes. #TheBestIsYetToCome 

Smart wechat marketing by peter chang, regularly offers special meals to pick up and take home, this offer sold out in less than ten minutes

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#WorldNewsTonight with @DavidMuir  starts in FIVE minutes. RT if you're watching!

Passaic Valley's 75th Girls' Show gets started in 10 minutes. Check out our photos of this event through the years:

Me: right today's the day, I'm going to finally understand The Ordinary and buy some products and get a new skincare routine Me after 2 minutes on YouTube and The Ordinary website

In the interview with "60 Minutes," which airs Sunday, Eddie Gallagher said it was wrong to pose for the picture as well as send it to multiple people and imply in text messages that he killed the man.

Stop by Sailor Jerry's Bar outside section 103 during the first 30 minutes of doors to enjoy our drink special for the evening - "Give Me What I Want" (Dusse & Coke) #RNBRewind  | @OGKeithSweat 

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10 minutes until @NBCNightlyNews  is live for most of our viewers in the Eastern and Central time zones...


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My single and music video are dropping in 45 minutes. Don’t mind me, I’ll just be in the corner breathing into a paper bag. #StupidLove  #CHROMATICA 

Plogging at a beach in Mamallapuram this morning. It lasted for over 30 minutes. Also handed over my ‘collection’ to Jeyaraj, who is a part of the hotel staff. Let us ensure our public places are clean and tidy! Let us also ensure we remain fit and healthy.

Cashier#1 : “Can I help you?” Me: How long would it take to get a turkey burger to go? Cashier #1 : “About 5 minutes” Cashier #2 : “Are you Tony Hawk?” Me: yes Cashier #1 : “Do you want a turkey burger then?” Me: yes please, and an iced tea Cashier #1 : “Can I get a name?”

An ignorant question leads Dr. King to offer a strong lesson in black history in two minutes flat. I can tell that he’s slightly irritated, but also determined to break it ALL the way down. Which he does brilliantly. A king. #MLK90 

Football is a simple game, 22 men chase the ball for 82 minutes and the Germans get a player sent off so 21 men chase the ball for 13 minutes and at the end the Germans somehow fucking win.

@Louis_Tomlinson don't start me man ima bout to see you in like 4 minutes ... Arm wrestle

One of the greatest privileges of my life was that I was on shift on BBC World that day - this was our show. Behind the scenes were were all screaming at our monitors, blind with tears of laughter, completely incapable of saying or doing anything for a full ten minutes.

Gunna leak the album in four minutes

If I had the minutes I would turn them into hours and make love to you mind and not your body instead- all back