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Measures approved by the Minnesota Legislature mean the Prairie Island Indian Community will get $46 million for a first-in-Minnesota clean energy project while a state-funded solar energy program will receive $15 million.

MinnPost is compiling a running list of who’s running for the Minnesota Legislature: #mnleg 

“Distance learning has been a difficult challenge for Minnesota’s educators, so we’re thankful the 2020 Legislature passed policy changes to teacher re-licensure that removed some anxiety from our members around their required continuing education units”

(version 2) It was as if an occult hand had reached down and made many familiar things disappear from the 2020 Minnesota Legislature

With a special session all but assured, the Minnesota Legislature stumbled toward its Monday adjournment with few of the year’s big issues resolved

Pretty anti-climactic end to the regular session of the 2020 Minnesota Legislature. More whimper than roar. See you all next month.


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It is becoming increasingly apparent that the Minnesota Legislature is preparing to shut down very soon, perhaps by next week. Leaders just left a meeting with Gov. Walz that include statewide elected officers and Supreme Court.

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz says he's ordered state agencies to be prepared to legalize recreational marijuana next year if the Legislature approves a bill. |

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Hey Minnesotans: Think they don't want to take away your guns? Think again. Everytown and the Bloomberg gun control lobby released new ads pushing the Minnesota legislature to pass gun control. Tell your legislators NO MORE GUN CONTROL! ‼️ #NRA  #2A  #minnesota 

For the first time in more than a century, only a single state — Minnesota — now has a legislature under divided party control, a sign of growing polarization

. reflects on her path from a Somali refugee camp to the Minnesota state legislature.

In a stark display of the nation’s divide, the lower and upper chamber of every legislature but one — Minnesota — will be controlled by the same party...It will be the first time in 104 years that only one state will have a divided legislature.

After last night, there is only one legislature in the nation that is divided: Minnesota, where the House is Democratic and the Senate is Republican. The last time there was only one divided state legislature was over 100 years ago in 1914.

Immigrants "make America great." @IlhanMN , a Muslim-American&immigrant, was just elected to Minnesota's legislature

The 'Prince Act' has been introduced into Minnesota state legislature following the legend's death