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The foliage of two ginkgo trees from the Ming Dynasty (1403-1424) turned golden inside of a temple in #Beijing , taking over the whole city with the symbolic color of autumn

#QuizTime: Do you know what this golden piece was used for in Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) in China?

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Magnificent Jinshanling section of the #GreatWall  switches to a different charm under the sunset. Located in Chengde, N China#Hebei  province, it was rebuilt from 1567 AD during the Ming Dynasty.

It's Com-Ming Home Ming Dynasty Mings The Merciless All of these headlines available for lease/freehold purchase

What makes a good official? This man from China's Ming Dynasty is respected for his righteousness and integrity. And his stories have been shared by Chinese President Xi Jinping

@dylanmatt  @JonLobbHong , if he could find a lucid moment, might make the argument that the Qing Dynasty was militaristic because it was ruled by a foreign non-Han caste, and that the Ming and other Han-ruled dynasties had been less expansionist...

OPINION: There have certainly been political dynasties in the past, including the Roosevelts, Kennedys and Bushes. A Trump dynasty would be less Ming and more Dodge as it mauls democracy for years to come.

@brolyxtreme  Hotter take: The Thirty Years War, the Great Turkish War, the Imjin War, and the Fall of the Ming Dynasty were part of one global war. Top THAT.

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These finely decorated porcelain flasks depict dragons – on the left with lotus flowers, and on the right between waves. They were commissioned by the Ming dynasty Yongle emperor between 1403 and 1424 and were probably used by the imperial family as wine decanters.

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Such a beautiful way to experience this remarkable art work which was created in Ming Dynasty by Xiang Shengmo.

The Xuande emperor, 5th emperor of the Chinese Ming dynasty, died #onthisday  in 1435. This colourful cloisonné jar made during his reign shows a vigorous-looking dragon chasing a pearl through clouds. It may have been used in the imperial palace

The construction of a wall to keep unwelcome visitors out makes a lot of sense — if you were living under the Ming Dynasty in China in the 15th century when the Great Wall of China was expanded.

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The Ming dynastyXuande emperor died #onthisday  in 1435. Probably made during his reign, this gold plaque decorated with dragons was designed to be attached to a pillow. Only the imperial family could have access to such rich, jewel-encrusted objects

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The Buddhist pagoda was about 15 stories high and dates back to the Ming Dynasty

Ancient bridge from Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) reemerges from Xiannu Lake after water levels drop in Jiangxi Province

Chinese archaeologists are studying an old Buddha statue found in a reservoir during renovation work. It could be from the Ming Dynasty.

Black tea was first developed during the Ming Dynasty. This tropical twist on it was developed by, well, you. #TeaTip 

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