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M3.7 #earthquake  #sismo ) strikes 36 km E of #Salinas  #California ) 11 min ago. Read eyewitnesses' stories & share yours:

Pence-Erdogan one-on-one meeting is still on-going at ~45m (had been scheduled to last just 10-15 min)

What does the Cochrane logo tell us? A useful 8 min video by @ISEHC1and  Steven Woloshin explains systematic reviews using clear and informative visuals. #forestplots  #metaanalysis  #EBP  #EBM  #CochraneSantiago 

Felt #earthquake  #sismo ) M3.7 strikes 36 km E of #Salinas  #California ) 4 min ago. Please report to:

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Is half your ad spend going down the drain? Take the 2 min@wistia  survey to find out. As a special thank you for taking part, we will send you a FREE copy of the final report so you too can benefit from the insights. #ad 

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> @VP  and @trpresidency  met for nearly 90 min. Expanded meeting with @SecPompeo  starting now and press being allowed in for a peek.

Most yards per touch amongst RB this season (min. 50): 1. Dalvin Cook: 6.08 2. Matt Breida: 5.99 3. Miles Sanders: 5.97 4. David Johnson: 5.78 5. Austin Ekeler: 5.76 6. Christian McCaffrey: 5.70

Pence and Erdogan's meeting has now ended, per pool, after about 1 hr and 20 min. Awaiting a meeting between larger delegations, including Sec Pompeo and NSA O'Brien.

VP Pence's one-on-one meeting w/Erdogan, originally scheduled to last 10 min before expanding to larger teams, has been going for over 1 hr now, per pool. Pence is joined by special envoy Jim Jeffrey, veteran diplomat who served as envoy to Turkey. More:


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just a reminder that both parts are: an hour and 45 min each. made by 2 guys. uploaded for free. and i probably won’t post for another couple months so i’m more than happy to take extra time to make it great. the amount rude tweets i’m getting is insane. 😳

Is @BTS_twt 's Min "Suga" Yoongi is a member of the #Cenation ? It sure looks like it! @JohnCena 

i was 40 min late to stage. there is no excuse for that and I apologize for anyone we upset. However it was great show and Im proud of that

After I spend my 5 min today with the single copy of the FBI report I will be thinking of how Kavanaugh calls Democrats “embarrassments”, thinks we are engaged in conspiracy against him on behalf of the Clintons, and promises when he’s on the Court “what goes around come around”.

My fans you guys never doubted me a min and for that I belong to you guys forever #blessed 

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Sean Cullen here robbed niallers twitter for a min to say Happy birthday buddy !!!

I'm soo happy.. Cuz in 5 min I'm performing for 500 lucky winners love u guys!!

A new Model S coast-to-coast record of 58 hours, 55 min. Who’s next?

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