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There are 6,535 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 257 deaths in Milwaukee County, Dr. Ben Weston said Tuesday. He said "cases and care" indicators headed in the wrong direction in recent days, including a higher percentage of tests coming back positive.

People pack Milwaukee beaches as temperatures heat up. 12 News asks county officials if a summer without pools will lead to more beach overload. Join @ppaolantonio  @Toya_Washington  & @Mark_Baden  on @WISN12News  at 5:00.

The Milwaukee County Transit System says it will be re-starting the collection of fares after not collecting them in recent months.

Milwaukee County has already said NONE of its pools will open this season.

So, people in Wisconsin are basically done wearing masks and socially distancing? It sure seems that way when I venture outside Milwaukee County, at least.

State death toll from COVID-19 surpasses 500 mark; nearly 6,000 cases in Milwaukee County via @journalsentinel 


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In Louisiana, 70% of those who have died of COVID-19-related complications were Black. In Chicago, that number is also 70%. In Milwaukee County, it’s 81%. This disease threatens us all, but it is disproportionately killing Black people.

@stephenasmith  @E_Reid35Selfies  + smiles with David Clarke - who called Black Lives Matter a hate group, oversaw the Milwaukee County Jail where four people died including a newborn under his watch and became a Trump advocate on Fox News before being fired - says more than this statement ever will.

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In the STATE of Louisiana, more than 70% of the deaths from COVID-19 were African Americans. More than 70% of deaths in Chicago, around 70% in Milwaukee county. Similar trajectory elsewhere. The virus doesn't discriminate, but the US system does.

Milwaukee County is mostly in: Turnout benefits the Democrat. 2019 race D: 93,565 R : 56,539 2020 race D: 112,041 R: 49,337 That is... not good for the GOP.

Black driver pulled over by Milwaukee County Deputies. Driver asks why the Deputies have their guns on him. White Deputy says 'Because you're not white'. Then Sheriff Richard Schmidt lies & says the Deputy never said it. Receipts say otherwise.

:: BREAKING NOW: Milwaukee County Clerk confirms David Clarke has resigned. Letter received at 3:17pm.

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. to disgraced FORMER Milwaukee County Sheriff (and Trump lackey) David Clarke: “You are absolutely disgusting…we’re trying as hard as we can here and we don’t deserve to be attacked by adults. We’re literally teenagers." #AMJoy  #NeverAgain 

Milwaukee County’s @SheriffClarke , known for his cowboy hat and the people who died in his jails, has resigned.

Four people have died at the Milwaukee County Jail since April, including a newborn. A newborn.