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Millennials aren't just reading horoscopes, they're learning their birth charts, which explain the position of all planets at the moment someone is born. 🌚🌌 "We look to the sky to see what is happening, what mark it has made. " -- @chaninicholas 

Millennials turning to astrology to combat stress

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"Anyway if you're wondering why millennials aren't having kids, welp." 😬

"Millennials self-report more stress and less certainty about their future than any generation before them " -- @Cosmopolitan  editor-in-chief @Jessica_Pels  tells @vladduthiersCBS  72% of Cosmopolitan's readers check their horoscope *every day.*

#FF to @dougboneparth , for some entertaining tweets at the intersection of finance and financial advisors. Also, doing cool stuff in real financial planning for Millennials. And a fellow #CoffeeEnthusiast !

'Is co-living the answer to millennials’ housing prayers? After spending a night in London’s latest communal development, I hope not.' — writes Lucy Watson

Millennials, so famous for killing things, were supposed to deliver the death blow to America's car addiction. But if there's been any shift in how younger Americans relate to personal vehicles, this study suggests that it is trivial. #citylabarchive 

Millennials are moving to suburbs like Arlington in search of 'hipsturbia'

#Astrology is booming in popularity, especially among millennials who are among the most stressed Americans, according to the @APA . @vladduthiersCBS 

Instagrammable exhibition seeks to instill positive attitudes in millennials, Gen Z #jakpost 


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horror movie where millennials manage to buy a house but it’s haunted by the ghosts of all the things millennials have killed “what was that?” “oh my god Jessica it’s GOLF”

Shout out to all of the millennials for staying woke and supporting me all this time I've been warning Congress about Trump and why we needed to impeach him. Remember what I've always said: If you fight, you can win!

The Boomer generation needed just 306 hours of minimum wage work to pay for four years of public college. Millennials need 4,459. The economy today is rigged against working people and young people. That is what we are going to change.

Millennials Buy the latte. Order the fucking avocado toast. Fuck and dance and enjoy life like there’s no tomorrow. You age quickly, the old people are lying to your and blaming you because they feel bad they stole your future and shit all over what they didn’t steal

My wife went straight savage in Waitrose. Fuck you, Doris, and your hatred of tattooed millennials.

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Millennials aren't struggling because they're lazy or wasting their money on avocados. They face unprecedented economic challenges due to decades of policies to help corporations and the top 1% while leaving working people behind.

"Millennials," the old man scoffed, throwing his cigarette butt into the community park.

My wife reporting from the local community center on the huge number of millennials waiting to vote: “It looks like a line for avocado toast.”

Only 23% of Millennials regularly vote but 60% of Boomers do. Millennials— We don’t let our grandparents choose our music. We don’t let our grandparents pick our style. We don’t let our grandparents choose where we live. Why are we letting our grandparents decide our future?

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Millennials you are the least likely to vote. If you don’t help flip these seats blue you are going to pay the price. Seriously wise up and vote.