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Photo of the Day: The Milky Way Viewed From the International Space Station! via @NASA
I spy with my little eye 👀 Spotted for the first time outside of the Milky way is a special kind of small neutron star, which forms when a massive star runs out of fuel and collapses. Learn more from :
Do you like blowing bubbles? So does our Milky Way galaxy—although these bubbles might be a little bigger than what you’re used to. Two bubbles, each 25,000 light-years tall, are extending above & below the galaxy like the two halves of an hourglass. More:
"sorry, i was eating a milky way" more like "sorry i was eating a milky way" lol milky ways suck
Our Space Telescope spotted a spiral galaxy similar in size to our own galaxy, the Milky Way, at just over 100,000 light-years across. Take a closer look:
GUYS!!!!!!! remember my puppy Leo? i met him today and he is the cutest fluffiest cloud of affection in the whole Milky Way galaxy
.@NASA_Hubble found what looks like a cosmic lightsaber in our Milky Way galaxy: #StarWars
“I planned this shot to align with the Milky Way,” writes #YourShotPhotographer Albert Dros. “This was very difficult to achieve as I had to shoot it early in the blue hour to be able to capture everything, due to the dynamic range of the lava and stars."
As seen on #Cosmos: The collision of our Milky Way w/ neighboring Andromeda in 4 billion yrs
ALAS, LEO. the cutest fluffiest cloud of affection in the whole Milky Way galaxy
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